Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Fun

 So far the summer has been flying by. I have not kept up on my blogging which I hate because down the road I love to look back on our adventures and remember what funny things and milestones the kids have gone through. We have been to numerous parties, we swim most days and this week I bought some stuff from the Lakeshore store which I highly recommend, such a great store to brush up on school work. Fun times in that area but I don't want the kids to be rusty next year since last year they changed schools so many times. My mom made a surprise visit and came and visited the kids last week we had a blast. Each day goes by so fast. The first week off the kids had VBS and then I finished painting more rooms in the house, almost done. Here is a little glimpse of summer.

 Beach day in Galveston, I hate that seaweed but it's still a beach so I can't complain.
 VBS fun

 Each day is filled with numerous funny moments. My kids love to laugh and be silly oh and me too!!

 It's so pretty where we live in TX. We sometimes just go shopping or looking and enjoy the weather and getting out of the house. Drew is being goofy, he has a huge gap in his teeth because he had to get a palate expander due to crowding. It worked within a couple weeks, next month he is getting braces on just the top. He has been a good sport about it all. 

 Lots of pool time, the pool is wonderful. The water is really warm right now it feels like bath water.

 Lauren's birthday last week

 She loves her daddy, and he loves her!
 More pictures to come soon

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