Friday, July 11, 2014

Shower Curtain Roman Shade

This was a fun little project. I have this huge window in my bathroom. It has those square glass cubes for light and privacy. I don't love the look but not really sure what else you would choose on a ground floor bathroom. While shopping at Target I came across this shower curtain, it's the most gorgeous color. It's that beautiful gray/blue spa color that I just love. I thought I could do something with it and it was on clearance and the previous treatment below was horrendous. I will do a post about some of my lovely treatments throughout my house when we moved in.
 It worked out really well by leaving this wood  piece to hold the shower curtain. This is totally the wrong way to do a window treatment but to me if it looks good so who cares. I also like the idea if I change my mind down the road I still have a pretty shower curtain (: boy I am practical. I just tucked it in there and pulled in the sides so no sewing BONUS!! I bought two adjustable curtain rods and made a faux roman shade. Not to formal but just enough. If you make one you can add the rods where you like and make as many folds as you like as you can see in my picture below.
 Found this amazing chandelier on Overstock. This bathroom was very plain and it needed something. I bought a conversion kit for the recessed light so I could add something pretty. The chandelier took forever to put together but was only $140 and comes with real crystals. The candles were a horrible fakey orange color but that was a easy spray paint fix.

 Not to bad, I also added some plates. I am liking this bathroom. I would love to remove the tile and get new counters but not anytime soon. Hope you enjoyed my fake roman shade shower curtain tutorial.

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  1. So elegant. Love the fabric. And the fact you can find so many uses for things meant for other things. :) I use fabric tablecloths for throws.

  2. I love to repurpose things and come up with new ideas. Tablecloths are versatile and can be used to so much and so much cheaper then the same fabric

  3. WOW!!!!!!! This is *STUNNING*!!!!!!!! I love it!!!


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