Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sheets To Curtains

I am so thrilled with how this turned out. First of all my lighting in my house is really odd. It's so hot here that they tint the windows which sets off a weird color, second I have direct light coming from both directions so unless I photograph right in the middle of my living room the light is harsh. When we moved in we had no window treatment that were usable, and they are a fortune. I like the look of something or bare windows if there is molding. I can appreciate formal curtains but they are not my style. I came up with using bed sheets after seeing this somewhere. I measured my windows and knew I had to get something really big. Target to the rescue!! I bought 3 King flat sheets and simply cut them in half to fill in my dining area. Don't look close but I did not even sew the ends. I will get to it but just haven't had a chance to get the dreaded sewing machine out. I have a love hate with the sewing machine if you know me. Just recently my Roomba sucked up a bunch of thread, it was not pretty but it brought back memories of the tangled web of being not skilled on a sewing machine.
We bought some Bamboo shades to warm up the area, in person it looks much better.
I did iron these first and used really sharp scissors and cut it right in two.
At night you get a better look without the harsh light. It turned out just like I wanted. I love the laid back coastal look. I love this project because I just used rods and clips and and everything just came together so easy and non fussy.
 When I had a few of my friends over they could not believe that they were sheets, and loved the idea. Less then $10 a panel on long curtains!

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  1. Omigosh - please remind me of this when we buy next year!!! Laid back, clean, coastal, Southern, classic, not fussy = 100% me!!!

  2. Katie, it's been too long since I've been here. Your kitchen is finished and it's fabulous! I love it all.

    So glad your family is enjoying Texas. :)


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