Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Lauren Grace

 Dear Lauren,
My baby girl is now 7, time had flown this year. You are so much fun and such a ray of sunshine.  You have grown up so much not only in size (your almost as tall as me) but also in maturity. You did so good in school(perfect grade card) and became such a class leader. You make good choices and want to be a good girl.  Your strong will has become a blessing in disguise. When mom asks you for help with the house you are right there with broom and plastic knife in hand. When it's time for a bath you go right in and do it yourself. At school you want to try harder then you need to and love to write letters to me. I used to call it hate mail or love notes when you were much smaller because you used to draw frowns or smiley faces.  I have found you like to express your emotions through drawings and now you write actually letters. You are a awesome Mindcraft player and keep right up with your brothers, you adore your big brothers! You are also a great swimmer and good athlete. Your newest sport is basketball. You asked dad to show you how to play the other day and it about made me cry. He patiently showed you some skills and moves and you copied and followed right along. You listen so well and admire your daddy. You are his little girl. We love your stories and your face has so many expressions. I love to here you say "actually" or put your finger to your chin and look up and think about a clever answer. You are a go getter and a helper and have great compassion. The other day during our prayers you started crying about kids in the hospital and how you wish they were all better. You love animals and never want to hurt any creatures. You love to snuggle and watch movies now and do my makeup. You are very creative and good at makeup, I 'm impressed. Your favorite color is Aqua and your favorite foods are waffles, hot dogs, and ice-cream. You would eat ice-cream every day multiple times a day if I allowed you to. Loving you is a honor and I love the girl you are becoming. Each day is a gift. Happy Birthday love!!

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  1. What a beautiful recap for her to read when she's older! So sweet!

  2. How adorable she is and how sweet your letter was. God bless you.

  3. How adorable she is and how sweet your letter is. God bless you.


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