Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fireworks The Beach And A Party

Happy 4th!! Oh my we had fun, our first year in TX for this fun event. My mom flew in on Wednesday but got sick right when she got her thankfully it only lasted a couple days but we still made the fireworks. They were great! Look how cute my mom's nails are, she is always festive.
Getting ready!! We met our good friends Yesi and her family for snacks and the fireworks.

 We took my mom to Buc-ee's which is a awesome place if you have never been. It's a gas station with beach stuff, convent store items, clothes, they actually have nice home decorating things too

 We drove down to Galveston for the day to show my mom everything.

 Getting ready for Lauren's Birthday Party. She loves to help and she did a excellent job with Nana. I made these little cups with the bears, thank you Pinterest!!

 Summer parties are always hard because everyone is busy and Lauren's birthday is July 3rd so busy times but we had a great turnout. She had a pool party, with a beach theme and a few prized elephants.

 Of course no party would be complete without Lauren's big brothers 
 Lauren's birthday gift was that basketball hoop. She loves basketball now, hasn't asked about tennis. She can't wait for me to sign her up, she is pretty good for 7 already. We are getting ready for the Piñata, my friend Yesi had it made for her and it was enormous.
 Some of the nice ladies I have been meeting in TX
What a fun week. I wish my mom could stay forever. It's hard with no family and living so far away. We are meeting new people and it's feeling more like home but I miss my friends and family that is for sure. Lauren sure had fun, she looked like a Zombie when she went to bed that night, so tired.
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