Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trash To Treasure Outdoor Light

 Found this chandelier pot holder thing in the attic when we moved in amongst some other junk. Remember the whole grapes and wine theme, this lamp was screaming 2004. It actually had fake grapes attached to it but luckily I could remove them. Drew's class was doing a trash to treasure project and I even thought about helping him revamp the lamp but this it was so big and bulky so we decided on a bird feeder and used the hooks to make corn holders for squirrels. I almost threw this thing out after that decision but then thought about it. I always like to study a item before it gets thrown out or donated to see if I can do any rehab on it. I removed all the wiring from the lamp since I knew I didn't want to put it in the house but make it an outside light. I saw something a while back with solar lights on Pinterest in a chandelier by the way they make it look so easy but it's all about the sizing and this thing could not handle solar lights. So I bought these little tea lights, and candle holders. I glued them with some glue meant for metal, attached the lights and now I have a fun light on my outdoor Pergola.

 I added a little bling in the holes that formally held onto the cheap looking grapes.
 It turned out so cute, I have two outdoor fans on both sides and this in the middle and it looks perfect.
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