Monday, June 16, 2014

Kitchen Reveal

 Just short of a month our new kitchen is complete. I am very happy how everything came together. This time I did not have samples I had to pick everything by showing the cabinet builder pictures and describing what I wanted to my contractor. I found the exact flooring from 11 yrs ago to match the existing flooring. I knew I did not want tile, although I love the wood tile it was not a option because of the rest of my flooring being wood. I over thought a lot but designing a kitchen is stressful and the colors and choices have to flow. I choose White Dove cabinets after many samples, it is beautiful color. It is a warm white but not yellow, that's exactly what I wanted. I choose Lyra Silestone counter tops just like my old house, since I liked them so much. I wanted Marble but not the upkeep or staining so this is nice alternative and it gives you the same look. 

 The back splash and range hood turned out beautiful, I like having the little shelf to change out decor through the seasons. I am more then happy with my stove. I did away with having a double oven due to taking out a wall and needing the cabinet space. It's a nice luxury to have a double but I really did not use it when I had it for a few months. I choose to get a really nice range so I would not regret not having a double. When I cook on the range it is amazing. I feel like real chef, the burners adjust so nice and the heating is so even.

 I still need to get some curtains and shades by my eating area but I wanted to post these so bad. Taking pictures in my house is tricky due to having light stream in from both sides.

 like my open shelves to the right? My cabinet maker wanted my old front doors so I told him I would trade them for some shelves. It worked out perfect because I love the shelving and it adds a lot to the kitchen. I need to buy some new pots and accessories, how fun!
 A good view of Lyra, this picture makes it look a little darker then actual but it's nice.

 I love the island, so big and just what I wanted. It's so nice to wash dishes and watch TV. Having one big room is amazing, I have always wanted a kitchen and living totally open. The flooring tied in well and Lincoln approves. I'm so happy to be done with this, it was a big project but such a huge improvement and transformation. 
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  1. OMGoodness, Katie! It looks great. You did a great job pulling everything together and it looks functional AND beautiful, I can see lots of family time in that kitchen with 3 happy kids gathered there. It is gorgeous, Katie! Hope you have a great week-xo Diana

  2. Your kitchen is amazing! I'm so glad it turned out just the way you wanted it to. Those counter tops are amazing and I do love all the light.

  3. Katie, your new kitchen is beautiful! I love your choices, the cabinets, lights, countertop and wall color are all so pretty. Enjoy your new space in your new home!!


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