Thursday, May 1, 2014

Staircase Reveal

 Hi Friends!! I have a moment to post my staircase reveal finally. It was a long process but we are so happy with the results. When we moved in the house there was carpet on the steps which I was not a fan of. I think one of the reasons why our house sat for a while was because of some cosmetic issues. We were in a desperate situation as far as finding a house and we looked at this one two months earlier. When I thought back about it I remembered it was one of the  nicer houses we looked at but something was weird about it. The staircase was one thing that was really weird, there are more things but more on that later.
 no more carpet
 The catwalk area was closed off?? That is odd and looked really bad. It blocked light and made the house feel smaller upstairs. We knew we would have to hire some professionals for this job, it was a big job! We found a great contractor in The Woodlands and so far we have been very pleased.
We also tore out the other side of the staircase because that was drywalled in too.

Much better already!!! I decided to do the staining to save a little money, which friends I will tell you I will never do again!! It was the job from Hell!! I had to do every other step and make the kids walk every other step for a two weeks period. A few times we had the cat run down the steps and then the dog who we had to keep contained at all times. I was Cruella De Vil on Steroids!! Between the shear exhaustion I felt of staining and the mess everywhere I had a few Mommy Dearest moments. The results are amazing but never again this would have been the best $1000 I ever spent!!

Save me from madness I hate you wood stain!! I had this I won't use the words I want to use all over the place. I had it all over my hands, my nails, my hair, my clothes. It is so sticky and since the air is so humid in TX it took For-EVER to dry!! I still need to do the some caulking around some stuff but it looks pretty good.
 So much better, the color of the stain matches my floor pretty well if I do say so. I have done steps before but never this many steps. I also had every contractor ask me if I wanted the metal spindles instead of wood because that is what many people are doing around here. I loved the wood and white so we just added more and I am so glad I went this route. I love the contrast and I think it looks classic and coastal. We also are going to have the two story areas all painted in Revere Pewter. Next up is the kitchen.. next week they are supposed to start demo. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. There are lots of tutorials on Pinterest on how to do steps and I have one already on my blog from a few years ago. 
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