Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Dining Room Table

I'm so behind on pretty much everything but I am trying to take it day by day. I think this time around the home renovations have taken time off my life. It really is a lot to think about and sometimes my creative spirit leaves but I have been back at it again. This table was a act of love by some dear friends of ours. When we lived in PA we met some great people. One of those families that touched our hearts were a couple named Dave and Gretchen. We had only known them a short time by meeting them through baseball but they became instant family friends of ours.. The boys played in a tournament league together and if you know anything about kids baseball you get to know the families really well since you basically camp at the fields most of the summer.  Gretchen is such a funny and I mean funny witty person you can't help but die laughing. Her husband is just like my husband calm, patient, smart but funny himself. They have three kids like us that are the sweetest well behaved children, love them. One day I was at her house and I loved her table she said Dave made it. I casually mentioned to Dave that I wanted one and would pay him. Right before we moved he asked me the size I wanted and he made me a table top for my new house. It is very special to me and such a nice gift!
I had a old table I used for crafts but the top was pretty bad, so I decided to use the legs for my new table. Rob attached them and I painted and stained. This was the beginning of the priming. 
It turned out so neat, I love Farmhouse tables. I also love my Bolton light fixture, I think it all came together perfect. I was originally going to put two lanterns over my kitchen island but thought they looked kind of bulky in a set of two, but the one is perfect!! I found those awesome shades on my little table on the side at Goodwill. I could not believe it. I pulled off old tan shades and they fit perfect. I don't find much at Goodwill here but that day the Goodwill Luck was with me. 

 It all came together, now I just need to do some little touches here and there. I also need to find a few chairs to go with the look. I found a couple wicker ones at Ballard Designs so we will see.
Bottom of table..We have been blessed by knowing these kind of friends (:
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  1. That table is the most beautiful story!!!!!! *THOSE* are the types of priceless things I want my home filled with.

  2. Wow, that table is awesome! I was just paging through your blog to find out where you bought it because it would be PERFECT in my house...I guess I won't be finding that one in a store. What a special story and what a beautiful table!


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