Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kitchen Part 2

 I'm not sure how many parts this will be but here is some progress. It has been a major job. At this point we are kind of getting sick of microwave lasagna, sandwiches, chicken patties and eating out!! I'm so thankful to be able to have a new kitchen and to improve our home so that is how I am maintaining some sort of sanity. There is nothing like living in a construction zone, it's very dusty and dirty and to clean anything would be like eating Oreos and brushing your teeth. 
I saw this pin and I about died, so true right now. I stay up at night thinking and thinking about all this stuff, what if this doesn't look right, to big to small, wrong color..Yep I am getting on my own nerves!!
 I'm so happy to have a big island again. So far everything is turning out very Nantucket style. I like simple but interesting decorating. I have been on the search for light fixtures for a long time. I think I finally found some, hopefully they look good.I did not want anything to heavy because I want the room to appear bright,airy, and clean. Maybe I will share my embarkment on finding the right fixtures another time. Lets just say I have been over thinking this, and for now these will work. If something greater comes along I will change them. It is so nerve wracking to find the right colors and size and price for that matter. It all has to flow in my mind and my feng shui meter starts going off if things are not flowing right. See I get on my own nerves.
At least I still have my kids to crack me up, laughter is truly a cure all.
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  1. Your kitchen-part-2 is wonderful! White kitchens are so pretty to start with but I think your wooden ceiling really warms up the space. Love the stainless and that gorgeous china cabinet.
    Exclusive Kitchen


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