Thursday, May 8, 2014


Baseball has been fun but it's coming to a end till fall. We started in February and it's now May. We have a couple games left still for our tournament and then we are going to take a much needed break. I love watching Drew play and Rob coach but we have not stopped since we have moved in with games and practice several night a week. So I am going to enjoy the next couple months of just letting the kids play and swim at the house. Drew has done a great job this year, he is a good little player.

 Drew is no longer wearing the face mask. I thought it might help him when he first started with kid pitch since it gets really wild out there but he has been hit several times and is not afraid of the ball at all. I would be crying if I got hit, but he is pretty tough.

 His dad taught him well. I sent these to Rob and he was so proud. Drew has perfect skills in these two pictures. He works really hard and has a great attitude. I love that he has lead our team with attitude and effort!!

 3 is perfect! My favorite number
 Drew loves being the catcher, I think it looks terrifying but he enjoys it. He also plays 3rd base, 2nd base, and left field. Those are mostly his spots.
I hope they win their game this Saturday if they do I believe they go onto the championship game.
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  1. Those pics are great! Nothing I love like watching my kids *LOVE* their sports!!!


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