Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kitchen Part 2

 I'm not sure how many parts this will be but here is some progress. It has been a major job. At this point we are kind of getting sick of microwave lasagna, sandwiches, chicken patties and eating out!! I'm so thankful to be able to have a new kitchen and to improve our home so that is how I am maintaining some sort of sanity. There is nothing like living in a construction zone, it's very dusty and dirty and to clean anything would be like eating Oreos and brushing your teeth. 
I saw this pin and I about died, so true right now. I stay up at night thinking and thinking about all this stuff, what if this doesn't look right, to big to small, wrong color..Yep I am getting on my own nerves!!
 I'm so happy to have a big island again. So far everything is turning out very Nantucket style. I like simple but interesting decorating. I have been on the search for light fixtures for a long time. I think I finally found some, hopefully they look good.I did not want anything to heavy because I want the room to appear bright,airy, and clean. Maybe I will share my embarkment on finding the right fixtures another time. Lets just say I have been over thinking this, and for now these will work. If something greater comes along I will change them. It is so nerve wracking to find the right colors and size and price for that matter. It all has to flow in my mind and my feng shui meter starts going off if things are not flowing right. See I get on my own nerves.
At least I still have my kids to crack me up, laughter is truly a cure all.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kitchen Remodel Part One

 Here we go again. It's been very crazy. I just did a kitchen remodel a couple years ago See here and here we go again. We never thought we were going to move last time but we did (: so here we go with the next adventure which included another gut job. In the last few months I have been busy planning all of this out. It's so much to think about and to execute. Today the cabinets are being installed so that is exciting. This was a major kitchen remodel. They had to move plumbing under the foundation because there are no basements in TX. The old wall you can see in the picture used to have plumbing coming from upstairs which would not work with a open kitchen so we had to run new lines in the concrete.

 I used to have a big island peninsula that made the door where Jaden is standing very crowded. It drove me crazy because there was barely any room. The kitchen is actually a nice size but the layout of the cabinets and design were not very functional and I had barely any counter space. So the solution was to take it out and completely open the wall to make the room feel more open. I always wanted a open family room/kitchen combined. It just works so well with our family and is so comfortable.
 The tile is gone and now onto the moving of electricity and plumbing. It was so loud!!
 They had to move the plumbing form a little sink in the laundry room to the new island.
 looks like a war zone
 It looks like a new wall is going up but they had to build a temporary wall to put the beam in. The wall we took out unfortunately was load bearing so they had to do it right and make it sturdy with a beam. I can not believe how it looks now, so much brighter and more spacious. It's coming along. Stay tuned.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!

Dear Jaden, Drew and Lauren,
Nothing makes me prouder then being your mom!! Out of everything in the world that I have ever done or accomplished by far this is what I am most proud of. You all are such special kids. I know every mother thinks this but each one of you has something extraordinary to give. Not a day goes by that I am not amazed by your compassion, love of life and goodness. We are all works in progress and when I see you learn and grow from little struggles I feel inspired to keep on keeping on. Being a mom is a tough role but it is the best role.
Drew wrote me this letter, and I cried as I read it. All those times you don't think your kids are listening or care… 
Rob made me breakfast and the kids brought me my gifts! I was blown away by my robot vacuum.  I would never buy this for myself and that is exactly what Rob wanted. At first I felt guilty because they are not cheap but then the boys were so excited and absolutely loved it and wanted me to enjoy it. It's amazing!! I can tell you this is one of the greatest inventions ever! It cleans the floor pretty good and goes back to it's docking station when it's done. It goes over transitions and carpets, wood, amazing. I feel like it's Rosie from the Jetsons, technology is unreal.

 Rob picked me out sunglasses too!! I feel overwhelmed. They are the ones on in the picture above. My $10 sunglasses always broke so it was so nice of him to do this.
We had such a nice day! After church the kids swam in the pool. We are having so much fun with the pool.

The kids are enjoying pulling out every pool toy and squirt gun you can imagine.
 It was such a sunny pretty day, I had to get my camera out to capture the moment.. The kids love the wildlife. We have tadpoles in the poop water I call it (the drains out front) and minnows. We also have tons of lizards everywhere and tree frogs. 

 I love my Magnolia trees, so beautiful and smell so good. I don't have any Peonies at this house. Not sure if they grow in TX I will have to see. I also planted a hydrangea in the back. I am not the best at plants but I am learning and love flowers.

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there. Love you mom and thanks for teaching me to be a better person each day and for loving people with a compassionate heart. I learned from the best!
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Easter Pictures And Hunt

Easter pictures from last month but I wanted to post before I forgot.

 These were the ugliest looking eggs I must admit but the kids enjoyed them.

 This dress makes me look pregnant, ha ha. I'm not. I later realized it had a tie in the back that goes in the front, ha ha

 Love this!

 Onto our annual Easter egg hunt. Each year I pack the plastic eggs with money. It used to be candy and small toys but these kids enjoy finding dollars and change.

 Drew found the token Golden Egg with the $5 bill two years in a row!

Someone is not happy about not finding the Golden Egg!!
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Thursday, May 8, 2014


Baseball has been fun but it's coming to a end till fall. We started in February and it's now May. We have a couple games left still for our tournament and then we are going to take a much needed break. I love watching Drew play and Rob coach but we have not stopped since we have moved in with games and practice several night a week. So I am going to enjoy the next couple months of just letting the kids play and swim at the house. Drew has done a great job this year, he is a good little player.

 Drew is no longer wearing the face mask. I thought it might help him when he first started with kid pitch since it gets really wild out there but he has been hit several times and is not afraid of the ball at all. I would be crying if I got hit, but he is pretty tough.

 His dad taught him well. I sent these to Rob and he was so proud. Drew has perfect skills in these two pictures. He works really hard and has a great attitude. I love that he has lead our team with attitude and effort!!

 3 is perfect! My favorite number
 Drew loves being the catcher, I think it looks terrifying but he enjoys it. He also plays 3rd base, 2nd base, and left field. Those are mostly his spots.
I hope they win their game this Saturday if they do I believe they go onto the championship game.
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