Monday, April 14, 2014

The Kids Are Adjusting

The kids are doing very well in TX. Across from our house is a walking path that goes around a lake that the kids can fish in anytime. Jaden caught a pretty big catfish. 
 Jaden's school had a a wax museum project. He picked Billy Graham.  It was so cute how each kid stood still like a wax figure and dressed the part. Jaden and I worked on the research for several days. Billy Graham is one of the best men out there so it was a great one to choose.

Isn't this the cutest? Her class took kindergarten graduation pictures.
She brought home a perfect grade card a couple weeks ago!!
 Here is her class they went on a field trip to a petting zoo. I just love the diversity in the area where we live in TX. I never thought TX would be so diverse and so educated. It is wonderful for Lauren to see so many kids that look like her and to see many other races.

I am a total animal lover!! They were giving these fish away at the baseball carnival and I told the kids yes thinking they wouldn't last but a day or so here we go about a month later going strong. Jaden also caught some minnows and they live in harmony with the goldfish just fine.

It's a bad quality picture from my phone but I took Jaden to go see God's Not Dead. We both absolutely loved it. It's wonderfully done and I highly recommend it. The other kids and Rob saw Muppets Most Wanted and of course they loved that too.
Jaden got straight A's. I'm so proud of him!! He is a good student. Drew also received wonderful grades and was blessed with top notch teachers at this school.
They are simply the best!!!
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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Color Gray,White And Other Paint Mistakes

My life has been little crazy lately. I'm still working on the stairs, it's been about 3 weeks!! I am also designing the kitchen in between the other projects. The problem is I do to many projects at once. I have ADHD when I get into design mode. I start one project which leads me to believe that I should paint two other rooms which leads to changing light fixtures all while trying to figure out the room I first started.  GUILTY!!  I know I am driving my husband crazy and for good reason but at least I am making some progress. I want our house to be done so we can just enjoy it and I can decorate normal. Think decorating for the seasons and new pillow here and there, ha ha. I hate making decorating mistakes and wasting time on something that just didn't work out. Although it has happened way to many times you have to take some hits and misses. No designer or wanna be designer (that would be me) always gets it right the first time. It sure seems that way but I am going to guess that they have some funny stories. I love paint so much, it is by far the biggest bang for your buck and mood changer for a room but it can be tricky. First off the Internet pictures are not accurate for paint choices!! Don't ever think your room will look like the pictures we see on Pinterest or blogs, because 80% of the time they won't.  You think being a photographer I would get this. It's all about lighting!! Lighting from your windows and how paint reflects and also lighting from how your camera interprets the color to your screen. Science and Technology that's it. I love looking at photos of peoples homes for ideas but from this point forward I will buy samples of paint. I have a perfect example below:
Figure 1:
Amanda is a wonderful decorator, I love almost everything she does so I thought that this Pale Oak color would look as good in my house as her house. It is subtle and airy and just right in the picture above. I even showed the paint swatch to a decorating friend who came over and she loved it too. Okay….
Figure 2 :
Pale Oak looked horrible in my dining room. It was dirty looking like a gas station bathroom and washed the whole room out. Please excuse the enormous Chandelier that is 5x to big for the room. We can't get it off the ceiling because it's so heavy. Yours truly even bought not one but two gallons at Sherwin Williams not exactly the Walmart of Paint. As I painted the walls, I texted BFF pictures as we both said, no good. At this point I am bit frustrated but it gets worse.  I love gray but gray is a whole other can of worms that took me down another bunny trail.
I used the rest to paint my bathroom, still not beautiful but actually better then the off white that was there.
Onto the search of finding the right dining room color. I must have the weirdest light ever in my house. I have window tinting on my windows which is great for the hot intense sun but it creates a different shade in my house at times. I also have band-aid beige all over my house reflecting a weird haze in every room.
 I can't even tell you how many colors I tried. Cape Hatteras Sand, Agreeable Gray,Edgecomb Gray,Stonington gray, Mindful Gray..Oh my…Anyway I did finally find the perfect color for now anyway. The multi-streaked room was driving me crazy. I just had to paint it even if it was white I didn't care. I found Bleeker Beige by Benjamin Moore and it looks nice and normal. No purple tint, blue tint, pink just gray/tan. 
Up Next finding the perfect White/Off White for my new kitchen. Not only is gray tricky there are only 100 whites to pick from with about eight undertones. I wanted more white then cream but not stark white and not yellow. Remember my weird lighting, yep it followed me into the kitchen too…
I have White Dove BM,Greek Villa, Dover White, Alabaster, Devine White, Creamy all SW. I also bought some Martha Stewart Colors. After painting the cabinets, looking at more reference pictures and reading I narrowed it down to a winner.
Did I mention that I thought about bringing my beloved devil  gray back into the kitchen. I love gray, it's a great color but it has to be the hardest color of colors to get right. I love a white kitchen but didn't want it to  be blinding so I got on a whole gray island kick. I really think this when my true insanity started!!! I will have more on this later.. but as you can exhibit in 
Figure 25:

The problem now is that when the sun hits the colors they look pastel. The last thing I want is a pastel Easter Egg looking kitchen. My dear husband is tired of looking at paint. He says they all look the same which in fact as time goes on they kind of do. The grays can be beautiful but between the purple tints, and paint primer gray look it can be a color that looks depressing like a prison. So in order to get gray right it more then likely will have to be a warm gray with undertones of either blue or green.
25!!! Samples later I think I have a plan
I love this comic so much. Don't they say most creative people are a bit insane?? 
This has not been a fun decorating challenge. I think what has happened is that my brain said "See ya later i'm tired" and thew out my creative spirit with it. I have to many colors in my brain. So I am refreshing my space and sticking true to what I like. When a color or look is right it just feels right in my mind.I think I am done trying new looks that aren't me. Stay tuned...

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