Thursday, March 27, 2014

My parents visit

 I love this picture of the kids with my parents. We had such a nice time over spring break. I was able to show my parents around town and my dad helped get some projects done with Rob. It was a great time, and I miss them already. 

Drew and Grandpa got some football throwing in of course 
 I knew this was going to happen

 I love to see the kids play, it was a nice warm day.

 Another cute one and then being silly

 My mom and me, I miss her so much.
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  1. Great pictures of your parents and kids, Katie! What a good-looking family you have. You can look at your beautiful Mom and know exactly what you will look like some day-you look just like her! xo Diana

  2. Aww - you got so many great photos that day! You and your mom look so much alike - so pretty! Glad you had a wonderful visit with them!


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