Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I love paint... my office

 Hi friends, so much going on here. We had a great visit with my parents and we were all sad to see them go. I will post our pictures soon. I know everyone is busy in this world but it is crazy at times. With moving and remodeling going on that puts a fun twist on things let alone normal stress. I have read a few articles lately about parents being over the top with projects and school parties. School is defiantly more fun then when I was a kid. Lauren loves holidays and this week she even put out a snack for the leprechaun so of course he had to leave her a treat and note. Then both boys had major projects due last week before spring break so that was fun. Life is good though and I am trying to take each day as a gift. 
Onto the house!!! I really could not take this office another day to be honest..The color caused me deep anxiety and every time I walked into the room my thought went to "I hate this color"
 The funny thing is a long time ago this was a great color or was it ever, ha ha!! I actually painted my office this color in my old house back in 2006 it was bad back then and only lasted a year. I was in a Panera Bread color phase. Dear lord who would ever think olive poop green was good, apparently I did at one time.

Can you believe this? I absolutely love paint colors and if truth be told I study them for hours before I make a decision. I really love paint!! I love this color!!! It's Silver Stand by Sherwin Williams. I am totally impressed with their paint too. With a coupon it is comparable to any other paint. It went on so smooth did not drip and had great coverage. I can finally relax I found the perfect shade of blue/gray.
 It makes the molding just pop 

 I love this bird painting. It's really it just a piece of paper with birds on it I bought from a framing and art store for $4. I happened to have a frame and I just used spray adhesive and put it right on a existing frame with no glass just a cream colored matting. It worked great.
My mom and I went and visited Laurie's while she was here and right outside on clearance she has these lamps for $50 a piece you can see the original price below. They are so heavy and nice. I do need to open up the bottom and clean the glass it seems some dust got in there hence the great price. I was so happy thought because they are so me.
I have so much to share!! We have a big renovation going on with our stairs so excited for the final outcome. It is going to look so beautiful!! 
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  1. How beautiful is that wall color, and that room with the high ceilings and crown molding!? It made such a difference to the space. Lucky girl to have an office; that is the one thing I really wish we had here.

  2. the new paint makes it look so much bigger!


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