Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bringing you some sunshine, I sure need it

 Lauren is hamming it up here in these pictures but I thought they were cute. Looking at these makes me happy. It's been a long week of getting the house together and Drew has been having some issue with his Crohn's again. Not really sure what's going on but we are working with his Dr on a plan. It really stinks!! Can I tell you all how bad chronic illness is? I don't want to be depressing but it's a constant feeling of never knowing when the rug is going to be pulled out under your feet. You know it's coming back but you never know when. It's been a trial that is for sure. I have been trying to learn how to deal with it and keep my sanity and health in check because it is so stressful. I already have anxiety so when this "stuff" happens it puts me in overdrive. The fear of the unknown and also the fear that I am not being the parent I need to be to my other children is a lot to handle. I did find a support website with other moms and that does seem to help. What I have learned is that I never want to take health for granted. If you have your health you have everything. Also I have no control over any of this even if I wanted to, I don't. God has a plan in the good and bad and nothing is a surprise to Him. When there is no answers or miracles I have to keep my faith that God has a bigger plan and purpose for my son's life.  I read a quote recently that said "our eyes need to be washed by our tears so we can see life with a clearer view" That's true. It's so easy to get caught up in the everyday things that we forget what is really important until it stops us in our tracks and it takes us back to what is most important. I'm hoping that things improve in the next few days and we can get over this hump. I ask... friends and family please pray for Drew it means so much to me!!

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  1. Praying for Drew! Love the pictures of Lauren. She is growing up so fast. What a beautiful young lady.

  2. That Lauren is just one of the happiest little girls, isn't she? What a blessing to have her in your life. We don't deal with Crohn's but we do deal with another recurring illness that entails "flares" and trying to keep them under control. I feel for you- it is bad enough for an adult- much harder for a child.

    Love that you are in your new home! I missed that post so off to check it out- xo Diana

  3. She's so cute! Praying for dear Drew (and you!).

  4. Just now seeing this, but definitely sending prayers of comfort, ease, & healing!

  5. So sorry to hear that your son has been experiencing this right on the heels of your move. I guess it is never a good time. Poor kiddo, I will keep him in my prayers. What a ray of sunshine your little miss is, that smile is too cute!


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