Saturday, March 8, 2014

A new day

Thanks for the nice comments about Lauren and for praying for Drew. I'm thankful to say he is doing much better the last two days!! THANK YOU for praying!! Wednesday he went to Children's for his medicine and it must have kicked in because he is not in pain anymore and is acting normal. While we were there we were saw Bill and Will from the Little Couple. Jen works at Texas Children's and we happened to be in the same area. Drew loves the show, they are both remarkable nice people. Bill came right up to Drew to talk to him, super nice guy and Will is darling.
 Today my parents are coming to visit us for the whole week over spring break. We are looking forward to doing some fun things and my dad is going to help us with a few projects. I wanted to have a nice welcome when they arrived so late last night I whipped up some quick and easy wreaths. I love grapevine wreaths. They are so easy to put together when you attach stems and greenery plus they are so inexpensive. I already had some hydrangeas in my stockpile and a nest. I also planted my beloved topiaries. These things have been through 3 moves now and still doing okay. Some of the greens has been picked away due to weather so I just added a little moss and all is well. I bought these at Lowe's on clearance years ago for like $30 a piece. They are nice outdoor topiaries so they have really lasted. 
My doors look decent in the picture but I really want my paned doors so we will see (:
 I'm really happy with my porch and landscaping on my house. I don't really need to do any landscaping expect flowers. I did have someone trim our palm trees yesterday that was neat to watch.
Have a great Saturday everyone!
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  1. I love your front entrance, Katie. It looks great. Have fun with your parents. How nice that they can come for the spring break. What fun to see Will & Bill. I haven't watched that show in a while but dearly loved the "little couple". Have a great weekend. We need lots of "grandparent pictures" next time- xo Diana

  2. Your porch looks so pretty! Your doors are beautiful but I understand about wanting a different style. All the houses in our neighborhood have the front doors with metal grating on them...they are pretty but I'd rather have panes also. :)

  3. What a beautiful entry. Your topiaries and wreaths look so pretty and welcoming for your parents!


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