Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Welcome to our TX home

We finally made it after living in a hotel for 13 weeks we finally moved in a week or so ago. What a journey we have been on it really wasn't to bad just a harder transition with having the kids go to one school for a few months and then onto another school but all are doing well and love their new schools. We found a house about 15 minutes from where we originally thought we would live but it worked out really nice. We ended up getting a really big yard, it's over a acre. The house has everything we need and is the right size. It is Texas looking house to me but it's traditionally laid out in the inside and very comfortable. The neighborhood is wonderful!! It has it's own walking trails, fishing pond, playground, basketball hoops, and tennis courts.
Everyone has a nice yard, but we still have neighbors so it's a win win. We were looking at houses with very small yards and that was really tough even with having a park across the road it's not fun to live on top of each other. Across from our house is the lake with easy access to get on the walking trail.
We are going to make some changes one being that I want new front doors. I have been dreaming of the paned double doors so I have plans to have those put in. The chandelier in the dining is awesome but way to big for the room so I am going to have it rewired and moved.
 The kitchen is not horrible but needs a update. I liked the house but I was not happy with the kitchen and a few other things but for the location and backyard paradise it was worth it to us to make the changes. Most houses and even brand new houses are not usually my taste. Lots of houses in TX are very dark and Tuscan which are not my favorite styles. I like more traditional cottage looks so this is my canvas to work with. We have plans to take out this partial wall between the kitchen and family room. It makes the family room seem smaller so by opening this up it will look like one big room. I also want to to get a slide in gas range and hood. I'm not sure on how fast things will get started but hopefully soon. I have had a couple bids so we will see what the next step is.
 Here is the kitchen eat in area with view
 Formal sitting area but it will be less then formal(:
 I really like the staircase but plan on getting the carpet replaced with wood.
The backyard is what sold me, I figured the inside was cosmetic but the yard was forever. I love the pool it's amazing. I love how big it is, so many houses we looked at had small pools so this will be great for our family. We are looking forward to having lots of fun with friends, and family this summer.

 The backyard has this awesome covered area from the sun, we love this
 We bought the previous owners patio furniture it was nice stuff since we didn't really have anything.
 I can't wait to decorate this up for summer and read a book.
 This is another problem area above. The original owner had the catwalk shut because she had small children but we want to put a railing up as soon as possible. I ended up finding the original owner who built the house through a series of talking to some people in the neighborhood and it worked out really well because she had lots of information and her dad build the house which makes us believe that we have a very well built home. 
The joys of moving. As I type this with boxes and mess everywhere. This is it ….I'm not leaving TX!!
 I'm so thankful to have a huge shower and closet again. In PA I loved my house but I had no closet room or bathroom space. Now I have a huge tub again too! 
Here are some of the pictures I hope you enjoyed them, we have been so extremely busy by moving, and all that goes with that. I will have more to show soon. We have a extra big room upstairs for our media room and a extra bedroom for a art room that I am really excited about. Can't wait till some of this is underway and completed and I can enjoy our home. For now back to Motrin and my constant Coffee and Coke flow!!
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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Best Days Of My Life

When I saw these pictures all I could think was, wow they are not little boys anymore. For years it felt like I had the little boys and now I have the big boys. Suddenly there are no more kids meals, no more Chuck E Cheese and no more cartoons):  I have boys that will be becoming teenagers before I know it. The thing that gets me is looking back at picture from last year or even 3 months ago and seeing how they are loosing that little boy look. It's happening so fast and I want to cry…..On the positive side they are entering some new phases that are lets say very funny but Farty!! Everything is farty around here, every thing that deals with a behind is funny. I have no lack of entertainment. Poor Lauren she just says "stop farting, you are gross"  Lauren is my little mama and she is good at getting these boys in line. 

 These boys are best friends but they are like night and day in so many ways but they are each others best friends.  Jaden is so smart, I can't believe this kid!! He is a pleaser and wants to always do the right thing. I could not be be more proud. He is hitting that awkward stage through where he still wants to be a silly little boy but he is also becoming a man. He is seeing how some kids struggle at home, and how people can be mean. Sometimes he has trouble fitting in but kids really must like him because he got nominated at his new school for being a positive influence and having great leadership and being a class act. The kids and teachers nominated him and he won so there that is what not fitting in is like. He acts so much older and wiser but boy does he have a silly side. He is a cluttered genius that is for sure, he is messy!! He has that kind of engineer mind that leaves a trails everywhere he goes. At the present moment he is reading about 3 books at a time. I don't know how he keeps all the stories straight. His backpack is full of crumpled up papers and notes but he is getting straight A's!!
Drew is my Ultra Jock and comedian. It never stops!! He is naturally funny and naturally athletic. He is a sweetie and a charmer and much more sensitive then Jaden. He wants to fit in and wants everyone to like him and would rather be a class clown then do his homework. He is as smart as Jaden but when asked if he likes school better or sports of course he likes sports better. We have to work with him to stay focused and do his work. Drew loves to talk to the animals and do impersonations and tell jokes and goof around. Man, this kids is going to send me to the looney bin some days it takes him three hours to get his homework done because he goofs around so much. Please God I can't handle Tommy Boy!! I am proud though that he does care for others deeply and is a sweetheart and when focused does great work and is driven. So I'm not to worried for now I laugh but he better keep those grades up. I am most proud of heart. He wants to be like Tim Tebow and help little kids and always be the kid that stands up for the ones that don't fit in or need a friend. He is very sad when kids are mean to other kids or they don't share. He is really proud of his faith in Christ.

 Baseball is already starting here. Drew had a tryout last Saturday and then they had the draft. It sounds so official for a 9 yr old but this is serious business you know they are already predicting which children are going to play in the MLB.(: He loves baseball but he also loves running around the yard and playing with the cat, and dancing. It doesn't take much to make Drew happy.

 There is my Lauren Grace, she likes to play tennis and really just likes being social. She is all about making friends with just about anyone. She loves to meet new kids. Anyplace we go she meets a new friend. People are naturally drawn to her it doesn't seem like friends will be a issue for her.
 Drew and Lauren took some tennis a few weeks ago. With the big move coming up and getting acclimated we have to take a little break but they really enjoyed it. The lessons are great and very informative they taught the kids lots of neat drills. Drew is picking right up.

 We did have a snow day here in TX a couple weeks ago. People are scared here when it gets cold and there is a possibility of ice. My kids could not believe it not one snowflake but they got a free day. Here is Lauren and her new buddy Jacob. I can thank Lauren for finding me a great new friend his mom. She is wonderful and so sweet.  Things are going to get really fun soon on this little blog. Lots in store for our family. Everything is moving so fast and the months just fly by. I don't want to take any moments for granted it's so easy to forget so much of what my children say and do in just one month. I am so thankful I have this diary so I can go back and read it and remember. I wish I could remember more. Each day is a gift with them.
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Model Home Tours

 Welcome to Main Street America A fake neighborhood of 12 unique houses. I have been intrigued by this place since the first time I passed it a couple months ago. We stopped in and found out it was a tour of homes for people who are interested in building, decorating or just getting ideas on furniture placement. Have you ever been to model homes and loved the furniture but wondered where they purchased it? Now you can buy it as you tour the homes. Last Friday I meet my friend Kim who has the same love of decorating as me. I will be doing a tour of her home in the near future, amazing!! You first enter this huge beautiful building where they direct you to buy a ticket into the main attraction. Once we did that they gave us a ipad that you tote with you that you can scan over a sign that tells you about each home before entering. It was pretty neat, but it was time consuming and we just really wanted to see the houses. You could even use the ipad to scan items for your personal wish list or to purchase as you leave, an interesting concept.
This was our favorite house and decorating hands down. It was the beach vacation house.

 Of course I loved the crab pillow but that was one item not for sale, figures!!
 If you liked this room you could buy the whole room down from the floors to the paint on the wall.
 Some of the choices were not my favorite but I thought it was done well.

 This natural arrangement was amazing but $450!!
 I'm really into vintage looking natural art especially with birds. I love this!
 We were being silly pretending we were eating our fake cereal. There was a very odd factor to the whole fake model home neighborhood. We felt like we were snooping around a home that the whole  perfect plastic family would just barge in at any moment think…The Three Little Bears. There is a little bit of a creepy factor to it down to the fake Food everywhere and even swimming pools that are welcoming but no one will ever enjoy. Also the fact that there is some major stealth marketing going on here. As I write this they probably have me stereotyped down to what I pick for breakfast to where I go on vacation. You are kind of like a petri dish for all the marketing going on.
 Pretty door
Really pretty outside of this Georgina Colonial. The inside did not really match the traditional southern look. I thought it would have more a southern traditional feel but it actually had more of a Texas feel if I can remember right. After you look at so many they all kind of looked a like.
 This was a different house, but I thought it was pretty. Most of the decorating items looked similar to Hobby Lobby at much higher prices and good staging.
 This was the Country French house, it was nice. I liked a lot of the design elements in this one.

 There were some oddities throughout some of the houses. Lots of dark furniture in most of them. I'm not a huge fan of Tuscan or Mediterranean Style but a lot of people must be because the majority of the houses had more of this influence which was kind of disappointing. Also each home had a distinct smell. Some I really liked but some not so much. One smelled like leather, another old man's cologne and one like  lemon Pledge.

 Love this of course
 This was very purple and Hollywood looking, but the staircase was beautiful!!
All in all it was a fun time. If your in the Houston area and want to get some decorating ideas it might be worth the trip. There is also a gourmet restaurant on the premises which was wonderful. You can even take cooking lessons. Throughout the year they decorate with the seasons which I think would be fun especially at Christmas. 
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