Monday, January 27, 2014

Dreaming Up Plans...

 I have a million ideas going through my head. Anyone who knows me knows I can't sit still or relax much. Being in a hotel for over 2 months has set me on the crazy train. Most days I go shopping or  I look at Pinterest till my eyes go dizzy thinking about ideas. I just wish I could pull out the paint and get creative this is torture for me. When my joy is doing the laundry you know that it is bad.  I don't have room to store anything so mostly I widow shop and take lots of pictures. I started taking some stuff to Rob's office which I just had to have. It never fails I find the best stuff when I have absolutely no room to store it. My trunk is full of odds and ends and I have already reserved something I found on Craigslist. Funny story... I have been checking out the Goodwill's since I love to find treasures and I love good deals. I found a amazing vintage drafting table. I called my sweet husband who said he would take it to work for me. So now I have a enormous drafting table in his works storage room. I am so excited to stain it and use it for painting and crafts.
I just love Pottery Barn every time I go I just love it. Such a great mix of classic styling mixed with unique found goods. I love their displays they are just so awesome. I want this paneling all over my house, would this look a little overdone?
If I had a house I would have bought this tv stand. I really liked it. I absolutely love Home Goods. So much great stuff and always low prices.
I love this vanity from Lowe's. Lauren's room has a bathroom off of it that shares with the game room. Right now there is a huge ugly laminate counter that takes up to much room. I think I am going to just get  single sink and rip out that long vanity. I have lots of blogging material with the new house.
Lauren wants new colors in her room. She told me she wants a "Sweet Frogs" room. This girl loves sweets. She wants her room to be a dessert room, ha ha. This is a shower curtain from Dillards but I am thinking about finding the material and making some curtains, it is so cute.
This is cute material too but has some orange in it which we are mostly doing light pastels of light mint green and pink. Love the leopard vines.
 I love the colors of this fabric just not sure I want toile even though I like it.
I am so in love with a particular fabric that I will post about soon. I wish I was a better sewer and second I wish the fabric was not $50 a yard!! I may do some pillows and add it on some drop clothes. You know the famous drop cloth curtains?? I really like them.
A front runner for a new couch
I learned about this wonderful artist from Dixie Delight I love her blog and her decorating! So many ladies love designer purses I like them okay but I would rather buy this!! I love the colors
I am planning my new house colors. I am going coastal with southern charm. I love southern coastal style!!

  I will have these doors, I have loved them for so long. My new house has double doors but I do not like the glass. I have been investigating replacing the inserts or just getting new doors. I am trying to stay on a budget so if I can do inserts I am going that route for sure. I have so many resources here.  I am going to go to the glass store this week to get a estimate. I am dreaming of these doors!!

To wrap it all up this is so me, ha ha!! 
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  1. Katie- I am loving your choices. That pink "frog room" shower curtain is perfect. If is just fabric (and not with a rubbery back) could you pick up more of that to use as curtains (material)? Loving your new color palette, too. What fun you will have. You say you are going COASTAL...well, I think if you stay in that hotel much longer you will be going they say- xo Diana

  2. I'm not as literally trapped as you are, but we're still renting for at least another full year before we build or buy, again, so no painting or real decorating, yet, for me, either.
    I am LOVING that shower curtain, though!!!!!!!!


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