Sunday, December 28, 2014

My New Obsession

If you haven't seen this show yet...your in for a real treat. I have watched all the episodes and plan on taking notes and pausing scenes to get more idea. I love HGTV but sometimes get bored with the same old renovations and modern design. When I started watching this show a couple weeks ago I loved it!! I wish I could have had these people help us out here in Houston when we were so frantically looking for a home. Joanna and Chip are a great couple who are super sweet and nice people. I have no idea how Joanna has four kids, her own store, blogs, her own design company, and now her own show. Oh and they are farmers!! Their life looks so fun but I'm only getting the shows perspective the romantic part of the farm life which is so appealing to me, not so much the work though. These people have everything going for them and did I say talented. She is very creative and has great taste so it makes for the best show on TV right now. I am still amazed at what they do with a house and I'm still confused about the budgets. They take out doors, windows,walls etc, and they show the prices which seem very low?? I am a little confused there since I have had extensive work done on two of my houses and our prices were much higher.  I'm thinking it is for the products only, not labor that seems to make sense considering they spend 60,000 and the whole houses seems transformed?  Anyway I am still amazed!
 She is also beautiful and has great style! I want those boots!!
Here is a before and after, amazing. Love this kitchen below!

I love her casual comfortable timeless decorating. I lean more toward coastal then farmhouse but I love it all. I think we are going to have to take a drive to Waco one of these days and visit their shop.
Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas!! I have much more to come (:
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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas May This Christmas Bring Blessings And Joy!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Work Around The House, And More

The last few months we have been busy diving into projects. When we moved into our house not even a year ago we knew we would have our work cut out. It's not been as much work as our PA  house and is much newer but there are still things that need some attention and changes. Our fence was about ready to fall over especially the doors. We would love to have a wrought iron fence in the front sections eventually but for now we are doing wood  because in a few years we may be adding another garage so we are waiting. 
Before: Love that yellow clay color, yikes
Jaden helped Rob rebuild the front sections of the fence.
Look at these two, they are good workers. Rob rebuild the whole front of the fence on both sides, he did a great job. A better paint color for sure!

I decided to try making those cute custom signs for teachers on Etsy. It was really fun, but time consuming and I finished at the last minute. I have never done it so I was trying to be careful and learn the order of the painting and pattern. My kids have such wonderful teachers so I wanted it to be special for them. I made seven signs and our guy teacher I gave a gift card. I didn't think a guy would want a cutsie sign.
I made some patterns to help, and penciled everything out first. I think they turned out cute.
Lauren is really enjoying her advent countdown. I really like this advent calendar. My mom bought the kids these at World Market. This one is a African one with the story of Jesus, very cool.
Friday was a a big day at school. The kids had their fun parties. 

The countdown has begun in our house, everyday Lauren tells me how many days, how many nights sleep, etc. She is ready!
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fun December

This picture speaks for it's self, our house is ecstatic or should I say my husband that OSU will be playing on Jan 1st. Now for Buddy, he is such a lazy lazy elf. I try...I really do. I don't know why I torture myself with coming up with ideas of moving a plastic creepy elf. I know why...Because my children love it. Mostly these days it's Lauren she wakes up every morning looking for Buddy. The boys are now in on the magic of Christmas, so they thankfully help me out sometimes.
 Last week Rob had his work Christmas party, it was such a fun night. I haven't dressed up in forever. The kids only know me in my mom uniform which consists of ballet flats, jeans, and some button up shirt in a select number of colors. Rob actually picked out my dress and I loved it. The day before the event he told me the dress code of cocktail attire which I about died when he told me. I had plans to volunteer at the school most of the day the day of the dinner. So that night we ventured out to the mall. I think as I have gotten older I know what I like and that does not consist of looking through racks of endless clothes. Its so nice to see it, try it on and go. In my mind I know exactly what I like but finding that look takes way to much time. I wish I could make Pinterest Pins my closet, that would solve lots of issues. 
A few weeks before we had some of the people who work with Rob over for a team building event. They made dinner together, it was actually fun. I was impressed with some of the men's skills. I love the people he works with they are the best he is so lucky he has a great team.

In between everything I have been trying to get some shopping done. The best trick to keep kids happy a phone and popcorn. I thought I would have tons of time during the week but no, I am out shopping with my whole family.  Last Sunday Jaden's church group went to the nursing home. Rob and I helped and took Lauren and Drew to have a nice experience serving others. They loved it! That is a understatement actually it was such a fun event for them. I was so proud of all our kids they were so sweet and kind to all the residents. They sang Christmas Carol's and showed great care.

Some funny stories...I met a lady and she told me about her daughter Katie Jo 3x, it was so cute. I met her three times and she did not remember meting me the first time but had just as much enthusiasm and sweetness each time.  I was so proud of my kids they were naturals. I looked over at one point and Drew is sharing the salvation message.  He carefully and gentle explained what each bead on the cross necklace represented as the little old lady drifted off to sleep in her chair, God love him. These sweet elderly people were precious, they loved seeing the children and loved the attention. My kids loved it so much that when our group left they wanted to stay and play Bingo. The little old lady we played Bingo with was 91 and was quite sharp. She was as competitive as Lauren.

Lauren won a banana from her Bingo. I just love my sweet sweet kids. Last week I also went out with some of my neighbors, mom's night out. It was a lot of fun. People in Houston are so interesting. Where we live people are from all over and have the most fascinating careers and lives. We have been busy non-stop but in good ways. I'm looking forward to Christmas and I'm happy to say I don't miss cold weather a bit. It is still weird that it is in the 60-70's here most days.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

More Christmas Decor

I put some lights outside. It's nothing to spectacular. Rob won't get on the roof to do lights, and he won't let me so the lights in the bushes is our extent of lights. Maybe one year we will pay someone to do the lights, but for now it's good.
I bought some new ornaments. The funny story about this one is that it is a neat frame that I planned on putting a family picture in. One of my friends came over last week and I told her I haven't filled it in yet so don't laugh. She said well you do love Pottery barn and so do I so we will honor Pottery Barn so maybe you should leave it. It's kind of funny. 

Found these little nests at Marshall's
My big tree leans a little to the right, very odd. I hope that I just didn't put something together correct hopefully it stays up unless Mr. Crosby decides to climb his Magical Tree Fortress and leans a little to much to the right, oh no!

 One of my friends asked me how I do my garland and I told her my secret is mixing a bunch of stuff and using natural looking picks. This garland is cheap garland with a swag of fall looking pumpkins mixed in. With the greenery and lights I think it goes well for Christmas. I love finding natural elements even from the yard.

 I love this ribbon I found a huge role at Sam's club for very inexpensive.

Another great Ross find, silver trees $15. They are so messy with glitter everywhere but I love these!!

 My Urn's are looking a little pathetic but I love them. I need to find something new eventually maybe wrought Iron with some ivy. The problem is it takes me a long time to find exactly what I want. I can't just go to the store and find it. In my head I know what it is but the frustrating  fun part is finding it for the price I want to pay.
I'm loving the house right now if feels so warm and happy!

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