Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Big Trip To Texas

We made it!! Wow we were really packed down!! I had to put all three kids in a row like the olden days. We also had to get cargo storage for the luggage rack. We left our house on Tuesday night it was absolutely freezing and raining. Rob had to install the thing on the roof in the rain after we realized we still had a lot of stuff to take. I insisted on bringing my cleaning supplies but we had to part ways when there was just not a inch of room left in the trunk, lol!! We stayed in a hotel in town, and signed papers on Wednesday and then we were off. The weather was pretty bad for most of the northeast and Midwest.

Leaving PA
Rob got off the highway to show me this old mental hospital called Weston Hospital in WV. It was really creepy but beautiful at the same time. It dates back to Civil War times and was used till the 90's. It is enormous. He heard about it on his many travels with work. They do ghost tours and stuff, I found it fascinating!!
Warmer Weather- Atlanta!!
My BFF invited us to Thanksgiving feast, so we took a slight detour to see her and her family. It was so nice to see her and visit. The kids keep growing and growing. I will post a few more pictures from my computer when I get time of her beautiful home. Seriously the most gorgeous home ever!!
 Jackie's sister came with her three kids and a few other families came and joined. It was so nice for the kids to have a break from driving. They had fun with friends, crafts and running around.
 Lauren and Isabella
 I love Jackie's kids!! 
After we left Atlanta we stayed the night in Mobile Alabama, which was beautiful!!! I can't believe how much I loved it. We ate at a famous Oyster restaurant in downtown Mobile. Driving through town it was very charming with it's southern french style. The architecture was delightful with wrought iron fences and brick estates adorned with topiaries, lot's of charm. We want to go back and go to the beach this summer. 
Lauren was born in the south so she is my southern girl. She loves Princess Tiana and New Orleans style food so she had Gumbo and fried green tomatoes.
We made it to The Woodlands!!  This was the night we got here, it was 78degrees in December. It is so neat, this is the commons area with restaurants all around. We ate at Tommy Bahama which was delicious!!

My iPhone has seen better days, the camera does not work for some reason. Drew has scary eyes, but it was such a cute picture.

 Home Sweet Home till we find our new house. Some words of wisdom for myself. My family is healthy and we are all together. I have already had the pity party a few times and I'm still feeling Bah Hum Bug…It is depressing living in a extend stay especially during Christmas with pets and no room. We will make the best of it and I'm thankful it is only a temporary inconvenience. At least the kids have some great memories. Organized Crazy just how we like it!!
 Jaden started school yesterday and the little kids the day before. So we were able to have lunch just with him. The weather was beautiful!! I know the summer will be horrible but I will take it with these mild winters. The kids will stay in the same school district but will move to a different school once we find a home. I hated to do that but it is temporary and it least it gets them on track for the way the school teaches.

Another stellar picture but cute. We have a indoor pool at the place we are staying so the kids are having a great time swimming everyday after school. There is also dinner 3 nights a week and a cleaning service. I will enjoy these things, it's not all bad. I will post more soon with our adventures to come!!
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  1. Katie- Whoo Hooo you made it! When people start telling you how awful the summers are you just tell them you stay inside and run the AC for three months in exchange for the rest of the year of mlld weather...and in PA you were inside with heat on for at least six months. Gld the move went well. xo Diana

  2. welcome to texas! sorry you couldn't go from house to house. we had to do an apartment for 6 weeks when we moved and I had a 2 month old and 18 month old. it was a challenge. but it would be 10 times harder now with a 5, 4 and 1 year old. we moved into our home a week before Christmas and I was so excited to make it in before the holiday. wish you could find something tomorrow and make it home before Christmas as well. I know that's probably impossible, but I'm being hopeful. I hope you enjoy your new city.

  3. Now I am bawling!! Love you so much and miss y'all dearly! It was such a blessing to see y'all!! The kids are growing up! I still say you have the most wonderful children! I love y'all!!!!! Prayers for the perfect timing of your "forever" home!

  4. Looks like you are making the most of a a crazy time for your family, especially at the holidays! I wouldn't mind the pool at all!! :-)

    Good luck finding a house! I'm sure it will be fabulous! I hear such great things about Texas and the antiquing there, so you'll be right at home!


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