Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

 Mr Lincoln was ready in his finest Christmas morning. He enjoyed his catnip, mice, feathers, balls and food. The kids sure like their kitty. He is a bit spoiled and acts like a man about town. Not much of a cuddlier but they love this cat.

 Santa brought Lauren a Minion. He is really cute because he sings and talks but not so cute after about 20 minutes of Minion giggling. She really loves Dave so I endure him for a while but then he has to take a nap. The boys and Lauren opened up most of their gifts and then we got a knock at the door. Santa left one more big gift for them!!

 A XBOX and some games!!

 I'm dying at this picture laughing. I can just see this being a Pinterest Pin. I hate to know the many captions that would be added. To say the least she was really excited to get Just Dance!!

 Jaden being a nice big brother a rare moment of them playing calmly
 My husband is the best dancer and kicks all our butts playing Just Dance. I very rarely beat him unless it is some high endurance song that is just crazy dancing with no real rhythm. Then my crazy moves come out and I can beat him, ha ha

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
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  1. Awwwwwwww! It looks like you had a fantastic Christmas. I LOVE Lauren's face with her new game. You aren't kidding! That is hilarious. Happy New year to one of my favorite internet friends! Love, Becky


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