Sunday, December 29, 2013

Around Town In Rob's New Truck

 When I met my husband he had a small truck but soon after had to get rid of it.  He has wanted a F150 in this dark blue color forever. He really loves his job so much because he was able to get a truck! It really is such a comfortable vehicle and the backseat is so big. So Rob is in all his glory. We have been driving around looking at houses, looking at shops, trying to learn our way around so it has been fun. We have been to many model homes most with really good decorating. I love these chairs and bamboo shades and white curtains. I will post soon about the most amazing furniture store I have ever been too. I am trying to get lots of ideas for when we have our new house.

 These are not the best quality pictures but very cute from my phone. There are regular police here but we also see lots of police on horse that patrol the walkways and shops. It's the neatest thing.
I love this picture of Lauren and Rob. She loves her daddy. We enjoyed a good meal at PF Changs. We are trying out most of the restaurants to find our favorites. I think my favorite is Tommy Bahamas. The food is so amazing with a tropical influence in everything. The restaurant itself makes you feel like you are in a tropical mansion in the Caribbean. Lots to do as we are in transition and things are slowly coming together.
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  1. Congratulations! It looks like you and your little family are already enjoying the coming new year!


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