Sunday, December 29, 2013

Around Town In Rob's New Truck

 When I met my husband he had a small truck but soon after had to get rid of it.  He has wanted a F150 in this dark blue color forever. He really loves his job so much because he was able to get a truck! It really is such a comfortable vehicle and the backseat is so big. So Rob is in all his glory. We have been driving around looking at houses, looking at shops, trying to learn our way around so it has been fun. We have been to many model homes most with really good decorating. I love these chairs and bamboo shades and white curtains. I will post soon about the most amazing furniture store I have ever been too. I am trying to get lots of ideas for when we have our new house.

 These are not the best quality pictures but very cute from my phone. There are regular police here but we also see lots of police on horse that patrol the walkways and shops. It's the neatest thing.
I love this picture of Lauren and Rob. She loves her daddy. We enjoyed a good meal at PF Changs. We are trying out most of the restaurants to find our favorites. I think my favorite is Tommy Bahamas. The food is so amazing with a tropical influence in everything. The restaurant itself makes you feel like you are in a tropical mansion in the Caribbean. Lots to do as we are in transition and things are slowly coming together.
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Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

 Mr Lincoln was ready in his finest Christmas morning. He enjoyed his catnip, mice, feathers, balls and food. The kids sure like their kitty. He is a bit spoiled and acts like a man about town. Not much of a cuddlier but they love this cat.

 Santa brought Lauren a Minion. He is really cute because he sings and talks but not so cute after about 20 minutes of Minion giggling. She really loves Dave so I endure him for a while but then he has to take a nap. The boys and Lauren opened up most of their gifts and then we got a knock at the door. Santa left one more big gift for them!!

 A XBOX and some games!!

 I'm dying at this picture laughing. I can just see this being a Pinterest Pin. I hate to know the many captions that would be added. To say the least she was really excited to get Just Dance!!

 Jaden being a nice big brother a rare moment of them playing calmly
 My husband is the best dancer and kicks all our butts playing Just Dance. I very rarely beat him unless it is some high endurance song that is just crazy dancing with no real rhythm. Then my crazy moves come out and I can beat him, ha ha

Merry Christmas Everyone!!
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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve

 Good evening friends. As we are in transition we had a not so traditional Christmas this year. The good news is that we were able to focus on the reason for the season and spend lots of family time. There was no big tree this year or all out decorating. I missed putting out my nativity and decking the halls, but maybe I needed a simple Christmas this year. The kids made almost all the ornaments on the tree which was pretty neat I thought. I also let them pick out a ornament of their choice for the tree. My kids love the Muppet's they are huge fans of the older movies and the newer ones, shh my boys are getting older but they love them.
 We have braved the mall quite a bit the last couple weeks. We are walking distance from lots of great stores. Lauren used her Christmas money from her grandparents in AZ to make a Build A Bear. She enjoyed it so much. They had a beautiful sequence dress but in typical Lauren sporty fashion she wanted a "Santa Girl" as she called it. "Cupcake" even smells like cupcakes and sings Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer. 
 We are staying at the Marriott until we find our home, the best thing about this place is the indoor pool which the kids love. They all love to swim so no matter what the weather they swim almost everyday. The people are so nice who work here we even have dinner downstairs at the hotel 3x a week plus housekeeping daily. The real world will be a reality for me(:
 Swimming Christmas Eve
   Here is Lauren in her cute little dress. I found it at a shop here and love it on her. She is so tall for her age. It makes it hard to find age appropriate clothes for a 6 yr old who looks to be about 8 or 9. She wore it a few times so we got some use out of it.
 We are really enjoying the weather. We had a cold snap go through a week or so ago but now it has been in the 50's and up even in the 70's. I love it. Even though the summers are going to be really hot I will take a couple months of AC and swimming over 6 months inside.
 Love this one!
 Here we are before church on Christmas Eve. We went to The Woodlands Church You may have heard of Kerry Shook he wrote the very poplar book One Month To Live which I highly recommend.  The church was awesome it was quite the production. Kerry is a great bible teacher and very humble. We liked the church a lot, it is huge though so that might take some time to get used to. They brought in real snow for the kids to play with outside after the service since snow is a rarity in TX.
 Lauren loved seeing Santa and friends
 It was snowing on stage before the service, how neat

 Our new ride…Kidding
More pictures to come, I hope and pray that our friends and family near and far are having a wonderful holiday season. 
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Shining Stars

Do you ever look at your children and see God's love shining through them? It is one of the greatest gifts as a parent to see and it is a complete blessing. Let me share a story of what God is doing through my daughter. Lauren was a hard toddler I will not sugar coat it. She was to smart for her own good and she was strong willed. She didn't have a lot of love for me, didn't sit still, was mean and would show me that she was the boss. I tried everything!! I felt like a bad mom because all I could think about was this child trying to make my life difficult. Unless you have had a strong willed child you won't get the behavior that comes from them. It's not a temper tantrum it's a marathon!! We did have some happy moments I don't want her to sound all bad but we had a lot more rough days then good. At night I would pray that God would work through her and help her with her difficult issues AKA please God make my life easier!! I used to tell Rob joking that she is either going to go to jail or be a successful CEO. I finally came to the point that God wanted me to love her even if that meant my life would be hard. I don't know why I am so slow and God has to teach me these lessons about 70X7 times but I needed to be Christ like regardless of what I got in return. I continued to be patient and I gave her a lot grace and just kept loving her like I always have. Last year we started having lots of better days and I was seeing a very good girl. She suddenly wanted to hug me, and love me, and please me. She really wanted my praise!!! She was proud of herself and something clicked. It's been a blessing and she has become a joy! She is still strong willed that will never change and it is a good thing when you direct it towards positive things. For example she loves to read and she is reading beginner books. She will re read a sentence three times because she wants to get it right. She will swim in the deep end just to be a better swimmer, She will ask me five times to play with my phone even though I said no, ha ha..She is on her way to being that demanding CEO.
In closing I wanted to share what my beautiful daughter said to me in the car yesterday. To recap we have been looking for a house for a while but nothing is my style, Jaden does not like his school and we are living in a very small apartment. Amongst feelings of being overwhelmed and making the right choices for my family I just started to cry as we left another home that would not work. Lauren immediately says "Don't you dare cry, crying!" As she is hugging me with her hands from the backseat. As we get out to go eat I dry my eyes and she looks at me as she hugs me and says "I love you mom, you are the best mom in the whole world!" I looked at her and at that moment I said, "Lauren out of all the kids in the world God picked you to give to me and I love you so much!" It was complete compassion, love, empathy and pure kindness from her. I felt as if God was hugging me through my child.
 I wanted to share this moment so that I would never forget it. God has done a work in her that has surpassed all my dreams. Her teacher sent me a e-mail tonight that said, Lauren is doing very well and she very smart and that she enjoys having her in class.
 Lauren hugs me everyday and begs me to sleep with her. She does my makeup, holds my hand and calls me her sister. She tells Rob all the time Mom and me are sisters. We still have our check your attitude moments often but it is short lived and after all she is still a kid. I'm sure there will be more trials down the road as with all kids but she is special.
Life can be hard and it can knock you down but when you look around your children are there to hold you. All those years of holding them and I look down and I have three kids holding me tight.
 Each day they bless me and remind me what life is all about. Every hug and every conversation is a gift from your child. When they want to talk to you cherish the moment. When they give you a gift be grateful out of all the people in the world they thought of you. When they cry for you be thankful they call out to you, and when they ask you to play even for 5 minutes they love you and want to be with you. I was reminded this week what a awesome gift it is to be a mother.They are my built in friends and  my biggest cheerleaders. They make me laugh each day and they are my shining stars.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Jackie's house And A New Shop

Oh how I love Jackie's door's!! I didn't even get a picture from the front but I love these doors!! Jackie moved into her house last summer and she already has done so much. Check out her Blog she is loads of fun and super creative. 
Check out her ceilings!!
 I love what she did with her kitchen, you can read about the before Here!!
wish I could have taken more pictures during the day, but you get the idea. Coffered ceilings, molding, bookcases and wood floors, love it!!

So far in TX I went to a antique mall and I was not disappointed to say the least. Living up north for a long time I have been missing out. I read all these blogs and I wonder where you all get such beautiful decorating items and ideas, now I know!!  In Oh and PA I would search and search to find diamonds in the ruff for things that were my style. I don't think it will be so hard here. In Columbus we had some great antique malls, thanks Polly  and PA I had to really work hard. The minute I walked in this home decorating place I was blown away the only downfall was that the prices were high. For example a old dresser painted cream will run you about $400. A end table $250. I will have to hit the thrift stores and do some magic. Such pretty displays and unique painted antique finds.

This sign was so neat, $250 You would have to have the perfect place for it. I get so much joy from thrifting and antiquing. You just never know what you will find. I love the treasure hunt and pulling lots of textures and looks together. The only furniture store I really love is Pottery Barn since they tend to do all of this on a bigger scale and expense. Most furniture stores are matchy and boring. Around here there seems to be some really talented woman so I will have more to come.
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