Thursday, November 7, 2013

School Pictures, Football..

Jaden-5th Grade
 I noticed a huge change this year with the kids school pictures. They all look much more grown up all of a sudden. This year they were good last year we had re-takes twice because the pictures were taken really far away, they never looked right. I was so happy this year!!
 Drew- 3rd Grade

 Drew is playing flag football. He loves it and is really good!!  The flag football league is in my back yard. I am going to miss some things about living here.
Above Drew's coach is telling him he is going to carry the ball. I can just read Drew's mind, I know this look "Oh wait Me, I'm going to run the ball"

 Can't touch this…. Note Rob in the background…GO DREW
 Touch Down Drew!!
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  1. Gorgeous kids!!!
    There is just nothing that I love as much as watching my kids do this stuff. :-) Win or lose, just seeing Will out there on the field, in the mix, fills my heart!

  2. What great pictures! It must be the year for good school pictures. My grandkids are the best ones they have had taken in years. Your Lauren looks very grown up for Kindergarten-like our SweetCheeks. It is always hard when they appear "old" for their age because people forget they are really "little" kids inside and expect more out of them. My oldest daughter was like that, too. We had to keep reminding others (and ourselves sometimes) that she was still just a little girl.

    Your pictures are ALL great-xo Diana


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