Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Makeup

 I treated myself at the mall the other day and bought some new makeup. I usually only buy makeup about once every year or two. I buy foundation more often but the good eye shadows last a long time for me. I have heard so much hype about the Naked Pallet but it's so pricey at $50!! The Sephora girls suggested this instead and actually said they liked this better. It even came with a eyeliner and mascara so that was a better deal. So far I really like it, the colors are really pigmented and they go on so smooth and velvety soft.
 The colors are really pretty and neutral
 I bought this little bronzer, highlight and blush kit. I really like this. It gives you a little color and adds a little glow at the same time. I also tried a new foundation. I don't know how I feel about this yet. It goes on nice but the coverage is medium to light. Sometimes I need a little more to even out my skin but it's great to have a expert match your color. Last week I found this interesting wash cloth thing at the drug store. I am always getting towels full of makeup and mascara. Even after I wash it's amazing what comes off, this little towel is magic. You use a little cleanser and water and it removes everything. You ring it out with water and it's clean, genius!! I just thought I would share some fun new products. If you have used anything amazing let me know. I'm always on the look out to try new things.
Life has been crazy with the moving stuff, I'm trying to not think about it today so I can relax. We found a house in a crazy busy market. It's beautiful but hoping we made a good choice and everything works out. So many decisions, choices…yep I can't Keep Calm and Carry On because I have ANXIETY!!!
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  1. Yes! Enjoy (if you can!) a respite from the moving whirlwind!!!
    I'm not a big make-up person (eyeliner is the only thing I wear EVERY day & I really do *try* to remember to put on some lip stuff :-P) but I'm interested in that cloth, esp. for gentle cleaning around my eyes! :-)

  2. What FUN to get new makeup. I wear very little anymore- mostly mineral make up that dusts it and I don't need a lot of coverage so it works for me. I have never heard of those cloths but I am going to look for one. I have ruined so many washcloths. That mineral powder will just not wash out. Hope you have a great week- xo Diana


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