Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

 I love the boys costumes this year, what a great Halloween we had!!
 My little Lauren before school this week. She is so cute. I helped out yesterday with Drew's class party. I try and take turns helping with different things so I can see them all. It was Drew's turn since I did a 5th grade event with Jaden last week and Laurens class I help each week. Drew truly looks like Uncle Si. He even has the cord holding on this glasses.

 All his buddies!!
 The school has a parade outside with all the kids, I just love this idea. I have never been to a school where they do this and then they have the whole afternoon for a party.

 I was in charge of the craft. I had to think of something not to babyish since these kids are getting older but something still fun. I bought 25 canvases and painted them black and used white paint to trace the hand. Then the kids put eye balls on and glitter.I warned the teacher about the glitter. Have you ever heard the saying glitter is the herpes of craft supplies?  No joke it is so messy but I can assure you we cleaned up most of it. The girls insisted on using tons and tons..Got to love girls and their glitter. I think it turned out cute and a nice keepsake for the kids.

 My beautiful Tiana

 It was warm but rainy but the kids still had a blast. They all had a huge  bag full of goodies at our return. I love Halloween!!
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  1. Love the kids, and what a FANTASTIC craft!!!!!!!!!!


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