Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To many treasures and a new treasure

 Oh  my word, I have what I call selective OCD. I think it is kind of like ADD mixed with OCD and Bi-Polar.  Some days I have a million different projects going on, and some days I just don't feel like getting to it because I'm not in the mood. All kidding aside. The problem is, I love to be organized and I would say that I am but I also have several creative ideas and when I get creative the OCD is out the window and then I am left with Hoarders!!  Some of this stuff I have had for years, and I figure if I haven't used it in the last year or so I probably won't. I have had some big donations lately, and I hope some crafty woman are doing something with my treasures.
 When I dropped off my truck load, I just had to go inside of Goodwill and find what treasure awaited. I found one of my favorite dog prints. This pictures is sentimental and is very hard to find from what I can tell. I have no idea what the origin is but when I worked at a vets office years ago we had this very print hanging over the fireplace and I loved it back then. I found it for $12!! The frame is gold and brown, not sure if I love it or will paint it. For now I think it looks great and is huge!

 I also hung up a plate, out of all that mess in the basement I found my favorite blue plates and the little stand to hold it. It's fun to shop the house. I feel so much better with my clean organized craft area. I could have had a small store, I had so much.


  1. I wish I could shop in your house, I mean store ;)

  2. I wish you still lived here! We are having a home decor sale amongst friends on Tuesday! We are cleaning out our no longer loved decor and selling it to each other. Almost like a swap! Can't wait to see what all comes in!

  3. I wish you still lived here! We are having a home decor swap/sale next Tuesday because of this very reason!

  4. Sherry, Oh my gosh I would have had three truck loads. I love others peoples stuff that would be so fun. You all have so much fun in Arkansas. I love how you do stuff as friends and encourage each other in home decorating. It's kind of like looking at your friends closet everything is so new and neat even though they are sick of it. I love trading, enjoy your girls night wish I could come.


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