Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tennis fun And Corn Maze

 Little Serena, I forgot to add these picture from a month or so ago. She is so muscular, it's amazing. Last night I was tickling her and she jumped off her bed into my arms and I almost fell over!! I bought her this little tennis net. It's the coolest things because it helps with hitting and is great for beginners and practice. It's hard to play sports all year round in PA unless you go to the indoor facilities but hoping I can get Lauren in a little tennis class when we get settled. She recently has told me she loves football too!! So we will see about that. She is fast as lighting so maybe flag football.
 We have spongy balls that are bigger too and easy to hit.
 Drew is good at tennis too, this might be in his future. I need to take some lessons so I can teach them and play with them as they get older. In my free time (:
 We went to a corn maze with Boys Scouts a couple weeks ago. It was really fun and out of all people Rob got left in the maze and was no where to be found for at least 30 min longer then the rest of us. He said he got stuck behind a bunch of woman and little kids because he was trying to be polite..sounds accurate but he is the direction king.

 Jaden with his new friend
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  1. She really IS all muscle, Katie. You can see it! Good for her for going out for tennis. 3 of my grands took tennis but only one is really interested it in. It is such a good sport.

    I guess I didn't realize that you lived in PA. If I did know-forgive me cuz I am old...lol Where are you in PA? I grew up in Bradford County- up on the NY state line.

    Those corn mazes are so much fun-our kids go every year (before dark). There is one after dark that is "haunted" and way too scary for kids. xo Diana


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