Monday, October 21, 2013

One Thousand Gifts

 I'm reading a book right now called One Thousand Gifts. It's actually a really tough book for me. Not because of the message but because it is very deep in a poetic way. She writes in a way that takes your whole brain to process her emotion. What I have gained is looking at life as the gift that it really is. Each day is a blessing from God. If each of us looked at all our problems we would all feel defeated and want to start digging a hole in the backyard. In fact there have been times I felt like just barricading myself in the basement never to be seen again, and I love people. Thankfully this is not a normal feeling but I can say if you do count your blessings not your problems life is a lot more bearable. My friend gave me a journal to write down blessings each day and this alone is life changing. It truly is remarkable how your mindset changes when you focus on all the good. When things slow down a bit I am going to start taking more pictures of God's beauty and daily reminders. For now here are a few that brought a smile to my face....
 Whiskers from my kitty rubbing on my leg, I know I know some people are not cat people. I in fact really love my cat. He greats me just like a dog and brings hours of entertainment to our family.
 At the end of summer I threw some seeds in a pot. They were from a seed pack that Jaden gave me in a mothers day card. You know those little seed packets for 50 cents. I never thought they would grow, I saw some green one day but forgot I planted the seeds till a couple months later. The plant kept growing on a trellis. I thought it looked pretty but might be a weed, till I saw a little purple flowers
 Morning Glories, amazing
 If only everyone could be so lucky to see this each day!!
I'm thankful for my husband who makes me laugh each day!
 My 87 yr old grandma came to visit me last week along with my aunt. We had a great time just talking. Grandma enjoyed the kids and had lot of old stories from the past. It truly is a gift to talk to a elderly person and for your children to learn and to listen to all the wisdom they share.
For this kid who is filthy dirty from playing outside. So thankful he is feeling well and can play in the dirt and dive for balls.
 Their are no words for my daily entertainment from my children. I'm blessed!!


  1. I just love your family, Katie. What a blessing indeed to see those faces on a daily basis, Love that your sweet old grammy was able to visit and tell tales from the past. xo Diana

  2. We have those flowers too and they grow rampantly all over everything and anything that holds still. My husband hates them and calls them intrusive. I just keep planting away, because I love flowers and that rainforest look! Your kids are adorable. Except for a million year age difference, I think we're a lot alike and have done a lot of the same things, i.e. adoption, raised kids, and I even have that same book you feature here. I like your blog a lot. Blessings, Tia


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