Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life Is Good

 I found two of these tall cone topiaries at my favorite antique store. I already had the pots and they fit perfectly, I have them both on my back deck. I haven't really had much shopping time or craft time at all lately. Since the craft cleanup I have been focusing on using some of the stuff I already have and moving stuff around.  I have been volunteering at the school at least once a week sometimes twice. I really love it and love seeing all the kids. It's so neat that this year my kids are all in the same building. I love that they see each other and give hugs in the hallway. This will be my last year of having them all together. I try and take turns in helping with their parties. Laurens class is where I help once a week and God love Kindergarten teachers, they are the best!
 Speaking of Lauren, she is my little Jack O Lantern. She has lost as many teeth as Jaden and Drew already. She is so special in so many ways. I am amazed how mature she has become in the last few months. Not to say we don't have little tantrums still, she is still learning some self control when she doesn't get her way. She is a helper and cleans up after her brothers, I guess she is getting ready for the real world.
 She is a decorator too
 I have no idea what this lettuce thing is but I really love the color. I have bought one for the last two years. It normally dies when the cold weather comes, anyone know anything about this plant?
 My Drew B is still playing ball.  I told Rob that I think I have attended 100 games since spring. He said, "No, maybe 75" It has been a lot friends. I love to watch him play. He is so intense and wants to win so bad. He gives a 100%!!
 He is so into being a catcher that is his new favorite position. He is really good too, the ball comes flying in and he catches a lot. He even gets people out at home on a regular basis.

 Ahh he is a cutie. He's rockin teeth right now that are bigger then his face can hold. I love it!!
 I don't even know where to begin with my son Jaden. He is so remarkable. This year has been his year to shine. He turned 11 yrs old decided to join Cub Scouts, the band, got asked to be a tutor and mentor to a kindergarten student, got asked to join the ensemble choir, also a letter came home saying he got picked to be in a advanced reading club...It pretty much never ends. I went to a jewelry party on Friday night with some of the teachers from the school and I could not hear enough good things about what a outstanding polite little man I have. Proud!!!
Have you ever read these books? Jaden loves these and Guinness Book Of World Records. The kids is like a walking stat machine.  The books are actually really interesting. I try and spend time with him reading these books at the baseball games.  Meanwhile Lauren Grace meets friends everywhere we go and gets her money for her prized pretzel. I think Jaden has read about 8 books this month already. I think on average he reads about 2 books a week.
 Splendid reading material, we also enjoyed the story of the whole family that has hair covering every square inch of their bodies. It's really kind of sad but yet amusing. Almost everything in the book is this way. You have about every emotion as you look through the colorful pages of freaks. Part of me feels bad for them for their choices of bizarre changes to their appearances ( I think what went wrong in little Johnny's life to make him want to pierce every part of his body and put pins in his head), part of me feels sick after looking at some of it, and some of it is pure entertainment that you can't help yourself but look through the whole book. Some people might need a barf bag but I have a pretty good stomach. 
Stay tuned lots to tell soon..


  1. Those kids are just darling...and your little girl is getting all grown up and I am glad she is learning some self control. She is a beautiful child- a real gift from God.
    That "lettuce thing" is Kale and from the cabbage family. I just love them, too- xo Diana

  2. Will is totally obsessed with all those Guinness Book Of World Records & Weird But True books, too! :-D

  3. The plant is an ornamental cabbage. Here is a good link regarding them.



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