Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Big News

Okay, not pregnant!! But....we are moving to..
Rob got a promotion, we checked it out a few weeks ago. We love our house here and have met such great people so that part stinks and another move, Good Lord!! I will be ready for the insane asylum when it is all over but we feel blessed for the opportunity. When it comes down to it I feel like this is where I would love to raise my kids, the economy is very strong and it's back in the south where I love the culture. 

 We put the house on the  market a day ago we have already had people looking. More then likely it will be in the spring or summer but we will see.
Lots of stress again, but a year from now it will be a good move for the kids. We are moving to a place called The Woodlands, which is north of Houston. It's a planned community with parks, walking trails, ponds and shopping within the community. It is really nice. Above is a picture of the shopping which you can actually walk to from your house if you live on this side of town. It's very charming. 
 Rob and I had a great time on our getaway. We ate at lots of great restaurants. One of them was Pappadeaux which was fabulous. I look a little to happy with my huge crab legs, hey this mom doesn't get out much. It's going to be a busy year again. Hopefully we will find a nice house the only disappointing thing is this is one of the most expensive places to live in all of Texas. We might have a project house again. I don't mind some updates but not sure I'm ready for the blast from the past again.  More later...Our life is not dull I can say that. 


  1. My family moved to the Houston area when I was barely 16. I was the baby of the family, so I was the only one left in the house. My parents and I joked that Papadeaux confirmed our decision to move. :) Welcome to Texas very soon!

  2. OH WOW! No place like the SOUTH! I am ready to go on this journey with you through the blog!

  3. WELCOME!!!!!!! You will *LOVE* it here!!!!!!! We're in Katy (Cinco Ranch), so if you need anything, let me know!!!!!!
    This was our 8th move in 13 years...and it's by far my favorite. Ever. I'm never leaving... :-)

  4. How exciting Katie!! A new adventure for your family!

  5. Very best friend on the planet, who has Gist cancer, has been told she's in partial remission!!!!


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