Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tennis fun And Corn Maze

 Little Serena, I forgot to add these picture from a month or so ago. She is so muscular, it's amazing. Last night I was tickling her and she jumped off her bed into my arms and I almost fell over!! I bought her this little tennis net. It's the coolest things because it helps with hitting and is great for beginners and practice. It's hard to play sports all year round in PA unless you go to the indoor facilities but hoping I can get Lauren in a little tennis class when we get settled. She recently has told me she loves football too!! So we will see about that. She is fast as lighting so maybe flag football.
 We have spongy balls that are bigger too and easy to hit.
 Drew is good at tennis too, this might be in his future. I need to take some lessons so I can teach them and play with them as they get older. In my free time (:
 We went to a corn maze with Boys Scouts a couple weeks ago. It was really fun and out of all people Rob got left in the maze and was no where to be found for at least 30 min longer then the rest of us. He said he got stuck behind a bunch of woman and little kids because he was trying to be polite..sounds accurate but he is the direction king.

 Jaden with his new friend
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adoption Book

I'm so pleased with my new blog design by  Rebekah at LeCharmedBoutique She is a dream to work!! I still have some things to add to the navigation but soon it will be all up and running. I wanted to share this awesome adoption book with my friends who have adopted, are adopting, or for gifts to friends adopting. When we lived in Columbus, I met Jenn the Illustrator. She called me and asked if I would be interested in having our family in the book. There is a section of families that have adopted so children can see how families all look different. I was ecstatic and thrilled to be a part of this wonderful book! I ordered it off of Amazon.com and I love the book. It is so well written and it explains God's love right along the love adopted parents have for their children. Jenn Illustrated the book and the pictures are so beautiful and cute. Great job ladies!!

Great book!!!
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Monday, October 21, 2013

One Thousand Gifts

 I'm reading a book right now called One Thousand Gifts. It's actually a really tough book for me. Not because of the message but because it is very deep in a poetic way. She writes in a way that takes your whole brain to process her emotion. What I have gained is looking at life as the gift that it really is. Each day is a blessing from God. If each of us looked at all our problems we would all feel defeated and want to start digging a hole in the backyard. In fact there have been times I felt like just barricading myself in the basement never to be seen again, and I love people. Thankfully this is not a normal feeling but I can say if you do count your blessings not your problems life is a lot more bearable. My friend gave me a journal to write down blessings each day and this alone is life changing. It truly is remarkable how your mindset changes when you focus on all the good. When things slow down a bit I am going to start taking more pictures of God's beauty and daily reminders. For now here are a few that brought a smile to my face....
 Whiskers from my kitty rubbing on my leg, I know I know some people are not cat people. I in fact really love my cat. He greats me just like a dog and brings hours of entertainment to our family.
 At the end of summer I threw some seeds in a pot. They were from a seed pack that Jaden gave me in a mothers day card. You know those little seed packets for 50 cents. I never thought they would grow, I saw some green one day but forgot I planted the seeds till a couple months later. The plant kept growing on a trellis. I thought it looked pretty but might be a weed, till I saw a little purple flowers
 Morning Glories, amazing
 If only everyone could be so lucky to see this each day!!
I'm thankful for my husband who makes me laugh each day!
 My 87 yr old grandma came to visit me last week along with my aunt. We had a great time just talking. Grandma enjoyed the kids and had lot of old stories from the past. It truly is a gift to talk to a elderly person and for your children to learn and to listen to all the wisdom they share.
For this kid who is filthy dirty from playing outside. So thankful he is feeling well and can play in the dirt and dive for balls.
 Their are no words for my daily entertainment from my children. I'm blessed!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Big News

Okay, not pregnant!! But....we are moving to..
Rob got a promotion, we checked it out a few weeks ago. We love our house here and have met such great people so that part stinks and another move, Good Lord!! I will be ready for the insane asylum when it is all over but we feel blessed for the opportunity. When it comes down to it I feel like this is where I would love to raise my kids, the economy is very strong and it's back in the south where I love the culture. 

 We put the house on the  market a day ago we have already had people looking. More then likely it will be in the spring or summer but we will see.
Lots of stress again, but a year from now it will be a good move for the kids. We are moving to a place called The Woodlands, which is north of Houston. It's a planned community with parks, walking trails, ponds and shopping within the community. It is really nice. Above is a picture of the shopping which you can actually walk to from your house if you live on this side of town. It's very charming. 
 Rob and I had a great time on our getaway. We ate at lots of great restaurants. One of them was Pappadeaux which was fabulous. I look a little to happy with my huge crab legs, hey this mom doesn't get out much. It's going to be a busy year again. Hopefully we will find a nice house the only disappointing thing is this is one of the most expensive places to live in all of Texas. We might have a project house again. I don't mind some updates but not sure I'm ready for the blast from the past again.  More later...Our life is not dull I can say that. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Life Is Good

 I found two of these tall cone topiaries at my favorite antique store. I already had the pots and they fit perfectly, I have them both on my back deck. I haven't really had much shopping time or craft time at all lately. Since the craft cleanup I have been focusing on using some of the stuff I already have and moving stuff around.  I have been volunteering at the school at least once a week sometimes twice. I really love it and love seeing all the kids. It's so neat that this year my kids are all in the same building. I love that they see each other and give hugs in the hallway. This will be my last year of having them all together. I try and take turns in helping with their parties. Laurens class is where I help once a week and God love Kindergarten teachers, they are the best!
 Speaking of Lauren, she is my little Jack O Lantern. She has lost as many teeth as Jaden and Drew already. She is so special in so many ways. I am amazed how mature she has become in the last few months. Not to say we don't have little tantrums still, she is still learning some self control when she doesn't get her way. She is a helper and cleans up after her brothers, I guess she is getting ready for the real world.
 She is a decorator too
 I have no idea what this lettuce thing is but I really love the color. I have bought one for the last two years. It normally dies when the cold weather comes, anyone know anything about this plant?
 My Drew B is still playing ball.  I told Rob that I think I have attended 100 games since spring. He said, "No, maybe 75" It has been a lot friends. I love to watch him play. He is so intense and wants to win so bad. He gives a 100%!!
 He is so into being a catcher that is his new favorite position. He is really good too, the ball comes flying in and he catches a lot. He even gets people out at home on a regular basis.

 Ahh he is a cutie. He's rockin teeth right now that are bigger then his face can hold. I love it!!
 I don't even know where to begin with my son Jaden. He is so remarkable. This year has been his year to shine. He turned 11 yrs old decided to join Cub Scouts, the band, got asked to be a tutor and mentor to a kindergarten student, got asked to join the ensemble choir, also a letter came home saying he got picked to be in a advanced reading club...It pretty much never ends. I went to a jewelry party on Friday night with some of the teachers from the school and I could not hear enough good things about what a outstanding polite little man I have. Proud!!!
Have you ever read these books? Jaden loves these and Guinness Book Of World Records. The kids is like a walking stat machine.  The books are actually really interesting. I try and spend time with him reading these books at the baseball games.  Meanwhile Lauren Grace meets friends everywhere we go and gets her money for her prized pretzel. I think Jaden has read about 8 books this month already. I think on average he reads about 2 books a week.
 Splendid reading material, we also enjoyed the story of the whole family that has hair covering every square inch of their bodies. It's really kind of sad but yet amusing. Almost everything in the book is this way. You have about every emotion as you look through the colorful pages of freaks. Part of me feels bad for them for their choices of bizarre changes to their appearances ( I think what went wrong in little Johnny's life to make him want to pierce every part of his body and put pins in his head), part of me feels sick after looking at some of it, and some of it is pure entertainment that you can't help yourself but look through the whole book. Some people might need a barf bag but I have a pretty good stomach. 
Stay tuned lots to tell soon..

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To many treasures and a new treasure

 Oh  my word, I have what I call selective OCD. I think it is kind of like ADD mixed with OCD and Bi-Polar.  Some days I have a million different projects going on, and some days I just don't feel like getting to it because I'm not in the mood. All kidding aside. The problem is, I love to be organized and I would say that I am but I also have several creative ideas and when I get creative the OCD is out the window and then I am left with Hoarders!!  Some of this stuff I have had for years, and I figure if I haven't used it in the last year or so I probably won't. I have had some big donations lately, and I hope some crafty woman are doing something with my treasures.
 When I dropped off my truck load, I just had to go inside of Goodwill and find what treasure awaited. I found one of my favorite dog prints. This pictures is sentimental and is very hard to find from what I can tell. I have no idea what the origin is but when I worked at a vets office years ago we had this very print hanging over the fireplace and I loved it back then. I found it for $12!! The frame is gold and brown, not sure if I love it or will paint it. For now I think it looks great and is huge!

 I also hung up a plate, out of all that mess in the basement I found my favorite blue plates and the little stand to hold it. It's fun to shop the house. I feel so much better with my clean organized craft area. I could have had a small store, I had so much.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Marriage Wisdom

 You could learn a lifetime of wisdom from this movie, it's one of my very favorite movies. I think back when I married my husband, and how young we were. I was 18 when I met my husband, and we were married two years later. We defiantly did not always get along, we were like night and day. We were young and he was more mature, I will admit even though he has a few years on me. I ask him now what he saw in me, and he says.."I just knew you were special" Not that I was a totally different person but I was defiantly more self centered as most young adults are. I used to get mad about the dumbest things. He was so patient and kind like Noah. We were poor, and I don't know how we made it needless to say it was not very joyful. Some months we had more bills then what we had money. We ate lots of frozen pizza, he worked two jobs and went to college. I went to college and worked a job, but he was the one who always took care of me. We grew together and had many arguments. The funny thing is we loved each other deeply even though we argued we would always get over it. Life got better as we got more mature and actually had money to pay bills. We had our first son a few years after we got married and my love grew more for my husband. It's remarkable how ones love grows when you see each other as parents. When we got married I never though about the sickness and health for richer of poorer none of that. I don't think anyone goes into marriage thinking any of this, but I heard a pastor once say "Not IF these things happen but When....because we will all go through these times." Through all of our trials and mountain tops I am so thankful for my husband, my friend. We may not always handle our emotions the same and that is a good thing. It's funny how most people marry the opposite in personality. God knows what he is doing!! Rob and I always say that our personalities and hobbies compliment each other now, even though that was the thing that used to drive me nuts. Now I love that this man loves to measure five times and do projects perfectly and that he thinks things out before he reacts to any situation. Those are good traits that I love about him. Why do woman always want to change their man when they first get together? It's not going to happen but you may influence and soften their heart which to me is even better. We have been married for fourteen years now, I suppose I can give some advice now. My biggest lessons have been to forgive, to live in the moment and to laugh!!! We laugh so much, that is a big secret to happiness. If you have a man that tells you that you're beautiful and makes you laugh, you are blessed!! Have Grace on each other to know that we are all a little screwed up from our past and that person you marry is never going to fulfill you in every area of life. You will grow together and gain wisdom and love but you will also grow separately as a people. It's funny how little things seemed so big years ago and how looking back it was wasted time. When times are really hard you realize this, and none of us want the pain but it makes us reconsider our priorities.  With gained wisdom and journeying into my 30's marriage is still work but is actually it has gotten easier in some ways because I know who I am and I know what is most important.  It's not my husbands job to make me happy. I know most people think that but it's simply not true. If I live to make others happy, and do things in my everyday to bring myself joy then there is not a lot of time to  pick apart another person or complain what they aren't doing right. There is not a perfect person, or love story but only stories of sinners through this crazy life that learn to value and love the other person when it's not easy. It's amazing how God changes your heart in the process to fall more in love.
Time to watch the Notebook...Dear John anyone?...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Why My Life Is The Best

How often can one wake up to see this in their refrigerator?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Crazy around here

It has been a zoo around here again!! I thought I would have all this time to sit and relax since all my kids are in school now. It has not been that way here at all that only lasted about 3 days!! It's all been good things, I'm thankful. Rob has been traveling a lot this month and the kids in are in full swing of activities.
 This picture cracks me up so bad!! This cat has provided so much enjoyment for the kids. They love him. He is not a affectionate cat but very playful and is not mean. My days are filled up with volunteering which I really do love and taking pictures. I need to upload my photo blog but in the last month I have taken some pictures of babies which I can't believe I get paid to do. 

 So fun
 Miss Lauren Grace!!  She is loving Claire's now. I think back to when I shopped at Claire's. 
 Rainbow Loom everywhere. This fad has taken over the nation it seems. I don't know about all of you but I like this one because it takes some concentration but I'm sick of finding little colored rubber bands all over my house!! 
 My OCD set in so I had to go get a organizer for the mixed up bands. We have lots of stuff going on be back soon.
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