Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Steelers Training Camp

 Last month the Steelers were near our house for their training camp. We went last year and again this year. It's a great time to see players up close and many sign autographs for the kids. 

 Love this picture!!

 Jaden my cute boy

 Troy Polamalu

 So far they aren't looking so good,looks like the Pirates will be Pittsburgh's team this year.  Last night we cheered on RG3 but the Redskins lost too. I just love to follow athletes that have great stories it makes watching sports so much more fun.
I'm praying for Tim Tebow, I just love him so much. Drew is reading his book right now, I have never seen him Love a book. I like all the good guys for my kids to look up too. I tell my boys now how important character is. You could be the best athlete, or smartest person but if you don't have good character to go with it, it just makes you like the rest. These athletes have a big platform, some use it wisely some do not. So many kids want to be just like them, I hope and pray that many more will make better choices. People are flawed not everyone can handle the pressure, money or fame it's just a shame how some really disappoint. Drew is really sad about Alex Rodriguez. I told him we should pray for him, and he probably is going through a hard time. It opened up a good conversation to talk about cheating and using drugs. After we talked about it, Drew kind of lost respect for him. I told him to wear his A-Rod t-shirt to practice and he said" No, mom he uses steroids."We try and let them form their own opinion but we defiantly show them the difference in how some athletes rise up to their expectations. Not only for kids who mimic the way players dress, act and hit a ball but even for adults that worship football or whatever. These athletes not only have a obligation to their team but for millions of kids who love them. Nothings better then when athletes have a agenda bigger then their sport and they are not afraid to thank the Lord for their talents.


  1. Please don't spend your time worrying about Tim Tebow. He is not worth it. He was given three opportunities with NFL teams and because of his arrogance, he lost his chance to play NFL ball. He is NOT a quarterback at this time. I think he would make an awesome tight end, but in his arrogance he only wants to be a quarterback. If you can't play for Belachchic (sp) (Patriots coach), I don't think you are receptive to coaching. Please encourage your children to admire the men and women who fight for our freedom whle serving in the military, the teachers that educate them, and their family members who love and care for them...professional athletes are not the be all end all.

  2. I agree, thanks for your comment. Not sure on all of the Tebow story. I know he has worked incredible hard and has a goal so maybe that is why he won't settle? He has a good story, work ethic and truly walks the talk as far as putting others first when it comes to his charity and helping with orphanages. There is more to life then sports that is for sure! I love good stories when people are difference makers.

  3. SO LUCKY!!! What a total dream!!!!! (& I am *sure* RGIII will get back in his groove! He's coming back from so much, and the 2nd half was way better! ;-))


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