Monday, September 2, 2013

Onto Fall

 These are almost the last pictures I have for the summer of 2013. We went to my parents a few weeks back and stopped along the way to this mysterious place called Gravity Hill. Supposedly it defies natural laws of physics. If you place a object on a uphill road it will roll upwards instead of downwards. Same with your car if you put it in neutral it will roll upwards. As the kids were jumping with excitement especially scientist Jaden Rob's inner nerd explained, "Kate, the hill is not going up it is going down hill, it is a optical illusion." So as we returned to the car I did a little research of the hills claims, apparently Penn State did a investigation and it is a optical illusion.  The kids were disappointed, maybe I should have not told them.

 Playing Corn hole with Grandpa. Jaden and my mom a cute picture.

We found Drew some old catchers gear , he was so happy!! He just wears it around the house.

 These two were playing Duck Commander, they were on a hunt.
 Future Gatorade Model

 Rob took Jaden on a business trip overnight. It was a great experience for Jaden. He got to see what his dad does and go on a sales calls. They are twins in this picture.
Here we are at the Pittsburgh Zoo. You could pay extra to meet a elephant. Lauren loves elephants so we were not going to miss this opportunity.
 Meanwhile at Walmart we ran into Willie. 
School is going well, September is a super busy month for us and for most people. Everyone is getting back into fall sports, back to school full swing and all the wonderful school meetings. I have three in a row next week. Fall decorations are coming since Starbucks has their Pumpkin Spice Latte out I know that is my green light!! Hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day!!

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  1. I love seeing random glimpses. :-) (And YAY for pumpkin spice!!!)


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