Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Old Secretary

 I found this old secretary at the antique mall, I have really been wanting one. I have had my heart set on one from my favorite store but when I saw this I thought I could make it work for 90% less in price. The only thing was it had etching on the glass. I talked to the booth owner and we both thought it would not be to hard to remove the glass, She gave me a little discount and I bought this beauty for $85. It is old and not the best piece but it had the style and look I wanted for a great price.
 Lowe's cuts glass for free, it was so simple and cheap $8?
I put the glass in and I still need to use some sort of clear caulk to make it even more stable but for now it is good. I also did not like the Queen Ann style top and wanted a more plain crown molding top. I was going to buy some wood while at Lowe's but in my basement we have tons of scraps so I looked there first. I came up with something to make a top fairly easy. My sweet mathematical husband did the cuts and I glued and stained them on.
 I wanted to brighten the inside too, to make my treasures pop. I used leftover drop cloth and glued it right on the back and then put the shelves in. Simple and brighter!! I love white/cream furniture but I also like dark wood to add warmth and interest. I love when furniture all goes together but not in a matchy sort of way.


  1. What a great piece!! So full of character, I love that! The curve on the drawers is so pretty. And such a great idea to use a leftover dropcloth for the back. I have a bunch of secretaries on my Pinterest boards, one of my favorite ideas is to use a secretary for a vanity table in a bedroom, with all your pretty girly things behind the glass.

  2. great piece, great price! I love it so much better with the non-etched windows and the queen ann top gone! you have a great eye!!

  3. didn't tell me, I love love it!,,,


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