Monday, September 23, 2013

Make Your Own Piñata

 I have no idea why I have not thought of this earlier in my parenting journey. I was at Walmart getting some stuff for the big birthday weekend, and of course I needed two piñatas. Each one was $15-$20 and they were either to babyish, girly, or plain weird. There were no baseball pinatas or anything cool at all. The kids still really enjoy piñatas, they always go over well. I thought I was out of luck and would have to settle with the rainbow donkey. The more I though about paying $40 for something I was going to throw away in 5 minutes the more I got to thinking.... I found some Duck Dynasty wrapping paper and was on the hunt for two boxes. I found two sitting in a empty cart and asked if I could have them and of course it was no problem.
 I put all the candy and little prizes inside and then folded it over like this. I took scissors and poked a hole on each side of the box and reached through the folds to pull up the string. Then I just tied a slip knot.

 A little tape, and I wrapped it in the paper and pulled out the string.
 I love this because it cost me $4 to make two piñatas. You could use any kind of wrapping paper or theme, which is perfect!!
The piñata held up to several blows just as well if not better then a store bought one.

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  1. Hey that is a GREAT idea! I really love how cute that turned out. They are not cheap to buy so this is a great cost saving idea, too- xo Diana


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