Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday Drew

Dear Drew,
Here you are with a baseball, not much has changed but you getting bigger. You are the bright light in my life. This last year was a tough one, but you are my hero. Yesterday we had to go to the hospital to get treatment and we heard a song by Casting Crowns and we decided it was your song. The song is called Already There. It's about how God uses our whole life and how all the pieces fit together to make the bigger picture at the end our lives. He himself goes before us and loves us even when it doesn't make sense. He promises to make all things right!! After we heard it, you said, "I can't wait to meet Jesus and go to heaven someday." I hope not for a 100 years but your faith is amazing. You are my sweet boy that loves kids, animals, and your friends. You are loved by so many. I have never meet someone who did not think you were the sweetest boy. When you were a little guy you would sit with me and hug me. I remember you being a snuggle bug and you loved your mommy. You pretty much lived on mom's hip for 3 years. You are still a mama's boy but you are a good athlete and you are tough. This summer you played so much baseball and even took a few hits off the leg, with little tears. You love to play Nerf football, and you want to play catch for hours. You are also my man of fashion. You like long Nike socks, Polo, spiked hair, hat's and anything from Dick's Sporting Goods. This fall you are playing fall ball and you want to start tennis. You make us laugh everyday and have a great spirit. You are the kind of boy that everyone loves, you're a all-American boy. Can't wait to see you grow, I never have lack of laughter. Mom and Dad love you to the moon and back.
Here are some fun pictures, I thought you would like. I just love your happy eyes!!
 Here you are just a few hours old. You were born in the morning and came very quick. It was a great experience.  You were a sweet calm baby. In the bath below, you were a smart little guy too. I remember taking this picture here at around two and you knew your ABC's and lots of letters. Mom's got to brag a little, right.

Here you are with Jaden your best friend, you two are always together. You're like night and day but yet similar. I can't image you ever not being best friends.
 Always a comedian trying to make us laugh. Here you are standing on the table, one time I found you early in the morning standing on the kitchen table eating a box of Cheerios.

You have always loved your sister. Just the other day you said you wished Lauren was still a little baby so you could hold her. At school you are trying to earn a chance to read to her kindergarten class. You just love little kids.
 Here you are all grown up. We are so proud of you and your character. You are compassionate and have a heart of gold. I love you so much!!


  1. Happy, happy birthday to your sweet boy! He is a nice young man and I can tell he is happy. xo Diana

  2. AWWW! How precious that he can try to earn a chance to read to her kindergarten class!!!!!!


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