Sunday, September 15, 2013

Everyday Happenings

 I'm really enjoying the kids all being in school. I have more time to get things done at home, but as usual it is has been crazy. Last week and next week my schedule is full of all sorts of things. Jaden joined Scouts, Drew is playing fall ball and this weekend played in a tournament on another team. The whole weekend is baseball which I love but I don't get anything done at home. Yesterday Rob took the boys to the Pirates game right after the tournament, got home at midnight and today he woke back up and is headed a hr away back to the tournament. Last month Drew's All Star team went to a Washington Wild Things baseball game (minor league) They got to go on the field and meet some of the players.

 Lauren fits right in, or should I say wants to fit right in.
 She seems to like school, we work each day on good behavior and most days she makes good choices. Thankfully her teacher is very good and loves Lauren. She says she is a nice girl, she just has a couple things to work on. She is a talker and enjoys her friends a little to much (:
 In the mornings it is crazy, just like everyones. This has helped me so much! I put a outfit in each slot for Lauren. I never have to think about her clothes this way, and she can get dressed herself.
 I have the best life, who can doubt seeing this wouldn't make you laugh.
 My house has been taken over by the Rainbow Loom. Drew loves this, and gets so frustrated with it at the same time. I find these rubber bands all over the house. He is very proud of his creations. 
 I must be a sucker for infomercials along with my kids. Lauren absolutely loves these Dream Lights. They are pretty neat. I bought her one, and my mom the other. Along with these, we have the SharkVac, Snuggie, Coil hose, Slushy Magic, Ice Cream Magic, Sham Wow...
 Never a dull moment!! Life is good!


  1. I love the small bits and pieces of your life you post here-we have a talker in school, too. lol Everyone loves her and she gets everyone in trouble with her chitchat. lol

    I will have to look for that Rainbow loom. I have not seen one and I have a kiddo that would LOVE it! xo Diana

  2. Oh, we are in the throes of Rainbow Loom mania here, too! Will & Annelise *each* bought one with their own money. :-)


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