Monday, September 23, 2013

Birthday Parties

 We had a great weekend, the boys both got Samsung Galaxy tablets. I did not hint or tell them but I figured they would love them since they are always on my phone and laptop. They loved them!

 Jaden got a cat cake, he loves cat's.
 Jaden got his gift Wednesday and Drew loved it so much so we knew he would be excited. I wrapped it in a different box so he would not know. Cute surprised face!!

 I normally have their parties at the same time but Jaden had a Boyscout event in the evening and Drew had a baseball game during the afternoon. It went well, the baseball game ended up getting canceled since it ended up raining the whole day.
 Jaden's friends were all pretty calm expect for the piñata part. They are all smart nice kids.

 Lauren Grace was more then thrilled since she got to attend both birthday parties with hot dogs, eat two pieces of cake and two sundaes.
 My parents came for the parties which the kids love, look at my Boyscout. These two look a lot a like!
 Drew's party was a whole new dynamic. These boys are into sports and love to play rough.
 It immediately started with a football game as it poured down rain
 Then they ate, but Drew did not eat because he wanted to go back out and play football.
 Then they screamed Happy Birthday as loud as the could in a competitive way to see who could yell the loudest.

 In the rain they did bobbing for apples. Let me tell you this is the easiest game ever, yet the kids love it. I did it last year and between this and the piñata they were all fired up.
 Lauren just fits right in, doesn't she?

 At this point I could no longer hear anything...They LOVED the piñata!! It was all out war when the thing finally busted open. Note the soaking wet kids and all the mud.
 This is my homemade Duck Dynasty Piñata, I will post the instructions soon.
 Since it rained we had the hitting inside, my dad is a brave man. We did use a vacuum cleaner attachment instead of a bat however.

It did mellow out at the end when Rob was pausing the t.v giving them a baseball clinic on hitting and fielding the ball. My friend Gretchen and I were thinking of a way for Rob to start giving private lessons so we could have a Pottery Barn allowance.  What a fun night!!

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