Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Old Secretary

 I found this old secretary at the antique mall, I have really been wanting one. I have had my heart set on one from my favorite store but when I saw this I thought I could make it work for 90% less in price. The only thing was it had etching on the glass. I talked to the booth owner and we both thought it would not be to hard to remove the glass, She gave me a little discount and I bought this beauty for $85. It is old and not the best piece but it had the style and look I wanted for a great price.
 Lowe's cuts glass for free, it was so simple and cheap $8?
I put the glass in and I still need to use some sort of clear caulk to make it even more stable but for now it is good. I also did not like the Queen Ann style top and wanted a more plain crown molding top. I was going to buy some wood while at Lowe's but in my basement we have tons of scraps so I looked there first. I came up with something to make a top fairly easy. My sweet mathematical husband did the cuts and I glued and stained them on.
 I wanted to brighten the inside too, to make my treasures pop. I used leftover drop cloth and glued it right on the back and then put the shelves in. Simple and brighter!! I love white/cream furniture but I also like dark wood to add warmth and interest. I love when furniture all goes together but not in a matchy sort of way.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Make Your Own Piñata

 I have no idea why I have not thought of this earlier in my parenting journey. I was at Walmart getting some stuff for the big birthday weekend, and of course I needed two piñatas. Each one was $15-$20 and they were either to babyish, girly, or plain weird. There were no baseball pinatas or anything cool at all. The kids still really enjoy piñatas, they always go over well. I thought I was out of luck and would have to settle with the rainbow donkey. The more I though about paying $40 for something I was going to throw away in 5 minutes the more I got to thinking.... I found some Duck Dynasty wrapping paper and was on the hunt for two boxes. I found two sitting in a empty cart and asked if I could have them and of course it was no problem.
 I put all the candy and little prizes inside and then folded it over like this. I took scissors and poked a hole on each side of the box and reached through the folds to pull up the string. Then I just tied a slip knot.

 A little tape, and I wrapped it in the paper and pulled out the string.
 I love this because it cost me $4 to make two piñatas. You could use any kind of wrapping paper or theme, which is perfect!!
The piñata held up to several blows just as well if not better then a store bought one.

Birthday Parties

 We had a great weekend, the boys both got Samsung Galaxy tablets. I did not hint or tell them but I figured they would love them since they are always on my phone and laptop. They loved them!

 Jaden got a cat cake, he loves cat's.
 Jaden got his gift Wednesday and Drew loved it so much so we knew he would be excited. I wrapped it in a different box so he would not know. Cute surprised face!!

 I normally have their parties at the same time but Jaden had a Boyscout event in the evening and Drew had a baseball game during the afternoon. It went well, the baseball game ended up getting canceled since it ended up raining the whole day.
 Jaden's friends were all pretty calm expect for the piñata part. They are all smart nice kids.

 Lauren Grace was more then thrilled since she got to attend both birthday parties with hot dogs, eat two pieces of cake and two sundaes.
 My parents came for the parties which the kids love, look at my Boyscout. These two look a lot a like!
 Drew's party was a whole new dynamic. These boys are into sports and love to play rough.
 It immediately started with a football game as it poured down rain
 Then they ate, but Drew did not eat because he wanted to go back out and play football.
 Then they screamed Happy Birthday as loud as the could in a competitive way to see who could yell the loudest.

 In the rain they did bobbing for apples. Let me tell you this is the easiest game ever, yet the kids love it. I did it last year and between this and the piñata they were all fired up.
 Lauren just fits right in, doesn't she?

 At this point I could no longer hear anything...They LOVED the piñata!! It was all out war when the thing finally busted open. Note the soaking wet kids and all the mud.
 This is my homemade Duck Dynasty Piñata, I will post the instructions soon.
 Since it rained we had the hitting inside, my dad is a brave man. We did use a vacuum cleaner attachment instead of a bat however.

It did mellow out at the end when Rob was pausing the t.v giving them a baseball clinic on hitting and fielding the ball. My friend Gretchen and I were thinking of a way for Rob to start giving private lessons so we could have a Pottery Barn allowance.  What a fun night!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday Drew

Dear Drew,
Here you are with a baseball, not much has changed but you getting bigger. You are the bright light in my life. This last year was a tough one, but you are my hero. Yesterday we had to go to the hospital to get treatment and we heard a song by Casting Crowns and we decided it was your song. The song is called Already There. It's about how God uses our whole life and how all the pieces fit together to make the bigger picture at the end our lives. He himself goes before us and loves us even when it doesn't make sense. He promises to make all things right!! After we heard it, you said, "I can't wait to meet Jesus and go to heaven someday." I hope not for a 100 years but your faith is amazing. You are my sweet boy that loves kids, animals, and your friends. You are loved by so many. I have never meet someone who did not think you were the sweetest boy. When you were a little guy you would sit with me and hug me. I remember you being a snuggle bug and you loved your mommy. You pretty much lived on mom's hip for 3 years. You are still a mama's boy but you are a good athlete and you are tough. This summer you played so much baseball and even took a few hits off the leg, with little tears. You love to play Nerf football, and you want to play catch for hours. You are also my man of fashion. You like long Nike socks, Polo, spiked hair, hat's and anything from Dick's Sporting Goods. This fall you are playing fall ball and you want to start tennis. You make us laugh everyday and have a great spirit. You are the kind of boy that everyone loves, you're a all-American boy. Can't wait to see you grow, I never have lack of laughter. Mom and Dad love you to the moon and back.
Here are some fun pictures, I thought you would like. I just love your happy eyes!!
 Here you are just a few hours old. You were born in the morning and came very quick. It was a great experience.  You were a sweet calm baby. In the bath below, you were a smart little guy too. I remember taking this picture here at around two and you knew your ABC's and lots of letters. Mom's got to brag a little, right.

Here you are with Jaden your best friend, you two are always together. You're like night and day but yet similar. I can't image you ever not being best friends.
 Always a comedian trying to make us laugh. Here you are standing on the table, one time I found you early in the morning standing on the kitchen table eating a box of Cheerios.

You have always loved your sister. Just the other day you said you wished Lauren was still a little baby so you could hold her. At school you are trying to earn a chance to read to her kindergarten class. You just love little kids.
 Here you are all grown up. We are so proud of you and your character. You are compassionate and have a heart of gold. I love you so much!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy 11th Birthday Jaden

 My Dear Son Jaden,
I was at your 5th grade orientation yesterday and your principle showed a video of the song You'll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins. The video was clips of Disney characters with their children and how the parents loved and guided their children. I know to you this may sound silly but as I watched the video I caught myself crying. Hopefully no one saw me tearing up as I reminisced. I thought about how you were going to be 11 years old tomorrow and how being a parent changed my life forever. You are the best gift I could ever receive or want in my life. You made my life have purpose, I want you to know that!! Not that I was not happy but I was missing something in my life. The minute I saw you my life changed for the better when I became your mom. You are growing up each day and each day I think about the man your becoming. I'm more then impressed by your wisdom and brains. You teach me so much about everyday facts and your a sweet boy. You still are not embarrassed by me or dad and want to be with us. You love to read, you read about two books a week that is your favorite hobby. About three times a week I have a parent or teacher come up and tell me what a polite nice kid you are. You are becoming more and more independent and I see you growing into a mature young man. You get so many concepts and thoughts that takes people years to develop. You love Jesus and you're sensitive to others hurts and want to make the world a better place. You are a good brother most of the time, we know you like your peace (: Your brother and sister love you so much and always look up to you. This year you joined Cub Scouts, it seems to be a good fit for you. When I walk in the halls at your your school you are a friend to many and your always willing to help anyone. I just can't wait to see what God has in plan for your life, whatever it is your going to be remarkable. We couldn't love you anymore!!
Mom and Dad
Now onto the fun cute stuff, I thought you would like these pictures. Here I am below signing all the paperwork to have you. One of the best days of my life.
Daddy got my a dozen roses with a card that said, "You are already the best mom ever" Your dad is a good man, and I see many traits that you two share.

 You loved the show Cops!! You would run out in your cop gear and dance to the beginning of the song, this memory will never leave mom and dad, crack up funny!!
 Here you are all grown up this morning before school, you are our world!!
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