Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time Can Stop For A While

School started Monday for the kids, with Lauren's full day today. I can't tell you how I wish time would stop for a while. All of a sudden everyone is so grown up, my job as mom is starting to change a bit.
They don't need me quite the same and in some ways I feel much more relaxed but now they go about their day, hang out with friends, make their own food. I know I have to let go a bit, but it is not easy.  I can't even imagine the empty nest syndrome when they go off to college.  
Jaden-10yrs old 5th grade, wants to be a forensic scientist, Lawyer, or a engineer

 Drew-8yrs old 3rd grade,wants to be a animal photographer, baby doctor, or a pro baseball player
Lauren Grace- Kindergartner, wants to be a chef, or pro tennis player
My babies!!! I feel so blessed to wake up each day and love them. It has truly been a gift to be a stay at home mom for all these years. I am living my dream!!
 Now with daddy
Yep, I cried today!! Sure did...Can't believe my last baby went to school today all day. It is so bittersweet. I'm so happy in some ways to have a break which I loved, but I'm also so sad and I will miss my Lauren Lu Lu. She looked so sweet going to school today and was so excited. Both Brothers held her hand as I dropped them off and walked her to her classroom. I had a relaxing day today but often thought about the kids. It's seems so much more final now with them all being in school. I have now entered a new stage in mothering.  I am looking forward to this year I feel it will be great for our family in many ways.


  1. It *is* a new stage, and it's WONDERFUL!!! (Although you absolutely have EVERY RIGHT to cry a little, too!!! :-D *hugs*)

  2. You're right - it is a new stage but one you will come to love. Life altering for sure but in a good way. I am now going through that with GRANDkids! xo Diana

  3. Oh they are at such cute ages. I love how much you love your life and appreciate being a mom!! It's joyful to read about :)


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