Friday, August 30, 2013

Life lessons From A 6 yr Old

 When did this happen?
 Just like magic she is a big girl now, I can't believe my girl goes to school. She is so proud when I pick her up each day. Today she told me..."Mom I was a good girl I feel asleep again at nap time. I really like eating lunch and recess." She then goes on to ask if I am going to take her to Sweet Frogs (the yogurt place) We are getting a new one here, it is wonderful!! I tell her not yet but she is persistent and asks to drive by it just to make sure it did not open while she was at school. I have missed her this week!! The time has finally come where I no longer have any little shadows. I think about her each day and the boys and miss them. With the last baby it is so much more final but yet I am so happy for her. She is a amazing little girl, I feel blessed to have her in my life. Through the crazy stage of drawing all over the walls and rubbing lotion all over her entire room to diving into the toilet paper rolls and knocking ever single thing off of a shelf I would not change it. She is determined and strong willed but yet so giving and helpful. Lauren is growing up and becoming a great friend to me.  Each morning she wants to make my coffee now. She puts in the sugar and mixes in the cream. The cutest part is when she gets a pretty napkin and places it under my coffee cup and give me a proud smile and waits for praise.
 I have gained a true friend in her!! Each day she teaches me more, and gives me a fresh perspective. Recently while I was on a cleaning spree I cam across another Stink Bug. I don't normally kill bugs but I felt inclined to rid  him off of my clean counter. I had the dreaded napkin in hand with a big swat getting ready to take place. Lauren, yells "Stop Mom, he is nice!!"Oh my gosh, how precious.  It did get me thinking, he was harmless and I could let him go just like I normally do so why was I killing a stink bug? As I let him go she says "see Mom, he needs to go home to his family."  Thank you Lauren Grace!!  I declare I will never kill a stink bug, ever!! I draw the line at Black Widows or any other harmful bug.
 Not only does she love to make people laugh she is brutally honest about everything but in a good way. She told me the other day that my breath stunk after I drank her Lauren's special coffee. If I say my hair looks bad she goes and gets her brush out and fixes it and then tells me It looks good again. She still has her episodes at times when she pouts which I am sure is not going anywhere in the near future. When she finally calms down I ask her why she is so upset, she just says..."I want to be 26 not 6 and make my own choices!!" I love her honesty!!!

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  1. This is beautiful, and most importantly: what a treasure this will be for her to read in 20-30 years, esp. if she has her own little girl, then. ♥


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