Saturday, August 17, 2013

Headboard From Old Door

We bought Jaden a new bed a few months ago. I thought about making a headboard from one of the old heavy wood doors we had sitting in the basement. It was really easy and free!!  Everything we used for this project we had sitting in the basement. 
 Mr. precise here, we decided on a different plan after the first attempt would be to bulky. Rob and I work well together. He is good at all the math, I just have the vision.  I usually think of a way to get it done quicker and engineered even faster. Rob is into measuring everything which is important but he makes things more complicated. We ended up just screwing two 2X4's on the bed and screwing them into the bed frame. 
 Then I thought it would neat to add a little shelf on top so Jaden could add things as time goes on.  My mom had a some old American flags that were faded.  I told her I thought I could make something out of them. It ended up looking great above the bed in all boy Americana fashion.
 I finally got to hanging these curtains that I have had forever. We removed the nasty dirty blinds and added these. I love this look so much better.
 I bought this dresser over a year ago, and it is so neat. I found it at Goodwill it is a favorite find. It was from the nunnery in town. I found a note inside with a prayer and some other things from the church. It only needed a light staining. The cool part is the desk!! Jaden loved to do his school work here amongst other things. My boy is growing up I love his new room!!

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  1. Katie, that headboard looks so fabulous!! Jaden must love hanging out in his room.


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