Saturday, August 31, 2013

Goodbye Fluffy

 The day arrived that I dreaded a couple weeks ago, our beloved Fluffy Bun went on to be with all the guinea pigs in the grassy meadows. Fluffy was 6 yrs old and the kids really loved her. The above picture was taken a while back but I woke up to find that Lauren placed her stuffed animals around to visit Fluffy. It was one of my favorite mom surprises to find. Fluffy was a good pet and never bit anyone she was nothing but sweet. The kids handled her death really well. I think what really helped them is that we don't talk about death in a bad way, and I explained to them a few months back that Fluffy may not live much longer. So when she did pass the kids immediately said that she was with God now eating all the vegetables she wanted. God love Rob he put her in a shoe box, I just hated seeing her not alive it was not the same. We buried her and Jaden pulled up christian songs from his Ipod to play, lol. Now the kids see her cross next to the garage and ask all the time if she is bones yet and worry about her when it rains outside. The minds of children is nothing but brilliant. Pets are very good for kids and when a pet passes it prepares them for how death works. That's not why to get a pet but I do think it does teach them loss in a much easier way to understand. We will miss you Fluffy!!

 Fluffy in her Abe Lincoln hat made by Jaden out of Lego's.


  1. Bless your family's hearts!!! I agree with you 100% that pets can teach our kids such valuable life lessons. I am going to be a crazy wreck when our beagle passes one day (she's 11.5 now) but the kids had these 2 little African frogs who died after about a year when the kids were very little (like 3 & 4). They learned the dead bodies I fished out of the water (ewww! :-P) weren't their pets anymore. Their froggies were in heaven, and the empty bodies left behind didn't mean anything. It really helped them grasp death at a super young age & not be afraid or weirded out by it. They've handled my uncle and my Grandmommy passing better than most adults in our family did.

  2. You are one busy mama. I found you over at Nana Diana's and so glad I did. We have alot in common. I adopted two of my five children and my daughter adopted one of her six. We also fostered five children over the years. For us raising good kids and making a home is what it is all about. It seems you have a big heart and some great insight. I look forward to following along. Blessings!


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