Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Almost A Year Ago

These are new pictures I took in the last month of the kids. I love to take pictures but most pictures I take are spur of the moment. I happened to take these pictures after church one day, it wasn't the best time of day as far as light but they looked so cute. Pretty soon my little Minions will be going back to school. I am going to miss them!!

 Drew is changing so much. He is growing and looking much older. He had some teeth pulled this summer because stage 1 orthodontic work is on the way..He is my sweetie!!
 Jaden is becoming a little man right before my eyes. I have noticed that when we are out the girls are noticing him.  I love to tease him...Especially when one yells "Hi Jaden" I ask him later what is her name, he says he can't remember as his face turns bright red!!
 My baby!! I took her to a pre-kindergarten play date at her school yesterday. She immediately was swarmed by two little girls who held her hand the whole time. 

 They seem so big all of a sudden, all at one time they are all more self sufficient. It's been a big change for me, a good change. Champ, he looks thrilled. He has been really crabby with the kids. The seem to  tolerate his old man ways even though he is a young dog??
 I'm getting ready to print my blog to book, it's been almost two years since the last book. I just realized I never included these pictures I took last year around fall time!! These were our Christmas card, so maybe that is why I didn't but I wanted them included.  The kids have changed so much, this makes it even more real. When I look at their faces, wow!!

 Love this one!!


  1. Katie- What a beautiful family you make! I love how much you love your children. Your boys are just darling. Your sweet "baby" looks like she is a big girl for her age. Is she? Our SweetCheeks has always been the tallest girl in her room and she calls the other kids her "babies". I love that about her. She is always helping the "babies" in the class (ALL the other kids). Blessings to yu and your sweet family-xo Diana

  2. Diana, Oh my goodness thanks for your comment. Yes Lauren is off the charts!! She is as tall as a 8.5 yr old!!

  3. GORGEOUS!!!! [I'm going to miss my kids going back to school Monday, too! :'(]


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