Saturday, August 31, 2013

Goodbye Fluffy

 The day arrived that I dreaded a couple weeks ago, our beloved Fluffy Bun went on to be with all the guinea pigs in the grassy meadows. Fluffy was 6 yrs old and the kids really loved her. The above picture was taken a while back but I woke up to find that Lauren placed her stuffed animals around to visit Fluffy. It was one of my favorite mom surprises to find. Fluffy was a good pet and never bit anyone she was nothing but sweet. The kids handled her death really well. I think what really helped them is that we don't talk about death in a bad way, and I explained to them a few months back that Fluffy may not live much longer. So when she did pass the kids immediately said that she was with God now eating all the vegetables she wanted. God love Rob he put her in a shoe box, I just hated seeing her not alive it was not the same. We buried her and Jaden pulled up christian songs from his Ipod to play, lol. Now the kids see her cross next to the garage and ask all the time if she is bones yet and worry about her when it rains outside. The minds of children is nothing but brilliant. Pets are very good for kids and when a pet passes it prepares them for how death works. That's not why to get a pet but I do think it does teach them loss in a much easier way to understand. We will miss you Fluffy!!

 Fluffy in her Abe Lincoln hat made by Jaden out of Lego's.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Life lessons From A 6 yr Old

 When did this happen?
 Just like magic she is a big girl now, I can't believe my girl goes to school. She is so proud when I pick her up each day. Today she told me..."Mom I was a good girl I feel asleep again at nap time. I really like eating lunch and recess." She then goes on to ask if I am going to take her to Sweet Frogs (the yogurt place) We are getting a new one here, it is wonderful!! I tell her not yet but she is persistent and asks to drive by it just to make sure it did not open while she was at school. I have missed her this week!! The time has finally come where I no longer have any little shadows. I think about her each day and the boys and miss them. With the last baby it is so much more final but yet I am so happy for her. She is a amazing little girl, I feel blessed to have her in my life. Through the crazy stage of drawing all over the walls and rubbing lotion all over her entire room to diving into the toilet paper rolls and knocking ever single thing off of a shelf I would not change it. She is determined and strong willed but yet so giving and helpful. Lauren is growing up and becoming a great friend to me.  Each morning she wants to make my coffee now. She puts in the sugar and mixes in the cream. The cutest part is when she gets a pretty napkin and places it under my coffee cup and give me a proud smile and waits for praise.
 I have gained a true friend in her!! Each day she teaches me more, and gives me a fresh perspective. Recently while I was on a cleaning spree I cam across another Stink Bug. I don't normally kill bugs but I felt inclined to rid  him off of my clean counter. I had the dreaded napkin in hand with a big swat getting ready to take place. Lauren, yells "Stop Mom, he is nice!!"Oh my gosh, how precious.  It did get me thinking, he was harmless and I could let him go just like I normally do so why was I killing a stink bug? As I let him go she says "see Mom, he needs to go home to his family."  Thank you Lauren Grace!!  I declare I will never kill a stink bug, ever!! I draw the line at Black Widows or any other harmful bug.
 Not only does she love to make people laugh she is brutally honest about everything but in a good way. She told me the other day that my breath stunk after I drank her Lauren's special coffee. If I say my hair looks bad she goes and gets her brush out and fixes it and then tells me It looks good again. She still has her episodes at times when she pouts which I am sure is not going anywhere in the near future. When she finally calms down I ask her why she is so upset, she just says..."I want to be 26 not 6 and make my own choices!!" I love her honesty!!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time Can Stop For A While

School started Monday for the kids, with Lauren's full day today. I can't tell you how I wish time would stop for a while. All of a sudden everyone is so grown up, my job as mom is starting to change a bit.
They don't need me quite the same and in some ways I feel much more relaxed but now they go about their day, hang out with friends, make their own food. I know I have to let go a bit, but it is not easy.  I can't even imagine the empty nest syndrome when they go off to college.  
Jaden-10yrs old 5th grade, wants to be a forensic scientist, Lawyer, or a engineer

 Drew-8yrs old 3rd grade,wants to be a animal photographer, baby doctor, or a pro baseball player
Lauren Grace- Kindergartner, wants to be a chef, or pro tennis player
My babies!!! I feel so blessed to wake up each day and love them. It has truly been a gift to be a stay at home mom for all these years. I am living my dream!!
 Now with daddy
Yep, I cried today!! Sure did...Can't believe my last baby went to school today all day. It is so bittersweet. I'm so happy in some ways to have a break which I loved, but I'm also so sad and I will miss my Lauren Lu Lu. She looked so sweet going to school today and was so excited. Both Brothers held her hand as I dropped them off and walked her to her classroom. I had a relaxing day today but often thought about the kids. It's seems so much more final now with them all being in school. I have now entered a new stage in mothering.  I am looking forward to this year I feel it will be great for our family in many ways.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Almost A Year Ago

These are new pictures I took in the last month of the kids. I love to take pictures but most pictures I take are spur of the moment. I happened to take these pictures after church one day, it wasn't the best time of day as far as light but they looked so cute. Pretty soon my little Minions will be going back to school. I am going to miss them!!

 Drew is changing so much. He is growing and looking much older. He had some teeth pulled this summer because stage 1 orthodontic work is on the way..He is my sweetie!!
 Jaden is becoming a little man right before my eyes. I have noticed that when we are out the girls are noticing him.  I love to tease him...Especially when one yells "Hi Jaden" I ask him later what is her name, he says he can't remember as his face turns bright red!!
 My baby!! I took her to a pre-kindergarten play date at her school yesterday. She immediately was swarmed by two little girls who held her hand the whole time. 

 They seem so big all of a sudden, all at one time they are all more self sufficient. It's been a big change for me, a good change. Champ, he looks thrilled. He has been really crabby with the kids. The seem to  tolerate his old man ways even though he is a young dog??
 I'm getting ready to print my blog to book, it's been almost two years since the last book. I just realized I never included these pictures I took last year around fall time!! These were our Christmas card, so maybe that is why I didn't but I wanted them included.  The kids have changed so much, this makes it even more real. When I look at their faces, wow!!

 Love this one!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Headboard From Old Door

We bought Jaden a new bed a few months ago. I thought about making a headboard from one of the old heavy wood doors we had sitting in the basement. It was really easy and free!!  Everything we used for this project we had sitting in the basement. 
 Mr. precise here, we decided on a different plan after the first attempt would be to bulky. Rob and I work well together. He is good at all the math, I just have the vision.  I usually think of a way to get it done quicker and engineered even faster. Rob is into measuring everything which is important but he makes things more complicated. We ended up just screwing two 2X4's on the bed and screwing them into the bed frame. 
 Then I thought it would neat to add a little shelf on top so Jaden could add things as time goes on.  My mom had a some old American flags that were faded.  I told her I thought I could make something out of them. It ended up looking great above the bed in all boy Americana fashion.
 I finally got to hanging these curtains that I have had forever. We removed the nasty dirty blinds and added these. I love this look so much better.
 I bought this dresser over a year ago, and it is so neat. I found it at Goodwill it is a favorite find. It was from the nunnery in town. I found a note inside with a prayer and some other things from the church. It only needed a light staining. The cool part is the desk!! Jaden loved to do his school work here amongst other things. My boy is growing up I love his new room!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Make your own bulletin board

 I love all the cute bulletin boards I have been seeing. I found this at a estate sale, I paid a little more because the frame was nice. The fruit picture, not so cute. I bought bulletin board roll at Jo Ann's and cut it to fit the newly spray painted frame. It was simple!!

We are all ready for school!! I thought I would put it here in my very small mudroom so I can keep track of everything. Can't believe the summer is almost over ): I have mixed feelings. I am ready in some ways but I enjoy having my kids home.  I will miss them.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Running The Race

 Running, it is quite symbolic in a way. You run the race of life the one God has planned for you. Not always the way we would have picked but the life that he has destined for us. I was a runner my whole life, it taught me a lot. It takes dedication and the dedications turns into endurance to finish the race. Life is like a race in the fact that you never know what is coming but you have to be ready for the race. Through the pain of training is where you get your endurance to finish and win. I never thought that God would lead me down the path of seeing one of my kids suffer with a chronic health issue. In our simple minds it is very hard to see the rewards of any sort of trials, and I don't know if I am anywhere close to that point. When most of us got married we were in the perfect moment when all was well and we didn't think about the IF part but unfortunately we will all have the IF...times. God said When we face times of trial not "maybe" or just in case. In this world each one of us has a cross to bear they all look different. Some hide better then others, some are obvious. We all have them, and God uses them to make our story. Of course we would never pick the bad parts of our story but it makes us who we are. In these valleys we have two choices to trust God and who he says He is or we can lean on our own understanding. I can promise you I have done both one with not so good results. Each morning God is the same where as we change depending on what is laid before us. He is trustworthy in His word, in our lives, and through the bad I have seen his sustaining Grace and hope.
There are days where hope is gone, I turn to myself and worry about the what ifs and the future. I also have days when I wake up and know without a shadow of a doubt that God loves me, and I am faithful to His plans. Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him James 1:12
Jaden and I ran a race where we live. It has been a while since I have ran but we enjoy it and it is a good outlet for us both.  It also gives me time to pray and think. Running is cheaper then therapy and it really does clear the mind. Jaden beat me, by 40 seconds I think. I got a medal for my age group since I'm getting old. I gave it to him he deserves it much more then me. He is a good little runner. We made the paper!! My hair looks white, lol!! It's brown, so that was very odd.
 Drew has been having some inflammation in his blood work in the last month or so. He had a test a couple weeks ago and the Crohn's is spreading in other areas so we need to start a more aggressive treatment. He is getting a medicine called Remicade.  The success rate is high that it will help and we are praying it works so this little man can have a better quality of life. The disease is tricky it goes away for a while then sneaks back up with no warning. It makes him tired, crabby, and touchy. Those are signs I know he is not right, other times he is great but the blood work is not right or vise versa. It's consuming and right when you can pretend your life is back to normal and forget about the diagnosis it comes back. Drew has had a very rough 15 months, It has been hard on all of us. This new treatment would bring healing in more ways then one if it does work. Please pray for this if you have a moment, it would mean the world to us.
He gets his new treatment in a IV infusion it takes about 3-4 hrs. The hospital is wonderful, the have snacks, TV, games etc. 
 My buddy, so brave
And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28
We will will continue to hold onto this and know that God is in control of all things!!
I could not ask for a better son, he is one of those kids that everyone who meets him loves him. So we will continue to run the race, ready and putting all our faith in the Lord even in trials.
Heaven looks better each day and I say this not in a cynical way of thinking but I think that is truly how our Lord wants us to think as christians.
For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. Romans 8:18
I have learned through this what true joy is in this world. When you walk through deep suffering you are given a gift to know what true happiness is. I look at problems people create by arguing about things that really don't matter and I thank God that he has given me new eyes to see what is not worth time wasted. Now a smile and laughter can bring me to tears along with being with my family that I love. Thank you God for giving me the gift of knowing what truly matters in this life.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Lauren's Tiana Party

 Lauren loves Tiana.  There are a lot of similarities between Tiana and Lauren.  Lauren wants to be a chef and is strong and determined just like Tiana.  I can see why she likes her.

 She requested that I fix her hair just like Tiana's, with the little curl in front.

 That was her face when she got her own Dsi!!  

My mom came to visit a couple weeks later, looks what she bought Lauren.  It's so cute!!
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