Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thrifty Finds And Other Happenings

 Hey friends~ I have some thrifty finds to show you. I was blown away by a jackpot day at the Goodwill. I don't have any problems shopping at Macy's or any other great store but I really like Goodwill when I have a couple hours to enjoy. Now I don't always find great stuff but sometimes I do hit the jackpot. I just found a pair of Miss Me jeans for 3.99 last week too, don't hate me. I found this Dooney purse for $15 its actually really cute.  I like DB, although some of their weird prints are not for me I do love the classic leather ones. This was going on ebay used for $80 so I guess I got a steal.
 I found all these tops at once. All some of my favorite brands.  I'm not a brand snob I just normally like the style of these labels Polo is my favorite, White House Black Market, Loft.  I think each shirt was $4.
 Moms, if you have not shopped Crazy 8 you need to run to it or order online.  Crazy 8 is the sister company of Gymboree like Gap to Old Navy.  The stuff is adorable!!  It's way way cheaper then Gymboree.  I love Gymboree but Lauren is very hard on clothes and is getting more selective on what she likes. So for the price at Crazy 8 we go crazy.  The clearance is amazing and the service and quality is great. Check it out.  Each piece above was $4 only
 I found this shower curtain at TJ Maxx (my love) after my Arkansas friend Tonia found one I went running.  I love this thing! I was hoping to find more I could make curtains, a dress you get the point. Love!!
 I'm catching up on some other things. I had a little niece born last month. She is precious.
My beautiful Cousin Sarah got married last month too. It was nice to see family 
 My 3 Blessings
 My parents and I
 Drew made the All Star Team for baseball, I'm so proud of Him!!! 
We have had a crazy week!!  Drew got to feeling sick last week. It was sudden with a high fever. He seemed a little better but then developed a cough making me think it was just viral.  Since the Crohn's diagnosis it makes it really tricky if he is having a issue or just plain sick. I don't think I will ever stop worrying. I took him to the walk in clinic Sunday since he had a fever for 4 days in a row and informed his gasto Dr. who said is sounded viral. They though upper respiratory but weren't sure. Yesterday we thought about letting him go sit at his baseball game (we have the tournament going on in our backyard field).  He started to get ready but looked dazed and after he ate he looked bad.  I don't know but he kind of fell to the ground and said he was really hot?? We decided to take him to the ER at Children's because I was not going to take any chances.  When we got there I prayed for Drew and God Bless him he was so scared since he doesn't exactly like needles. I explained everything to the Dr's and they called the G.I floor and they discussed they really felt it was a virus and told us not to worry and he should be fine in a couple days.  So anyway...Thank God we went home and today he seems better. I want my blog to stay positive but I want to stay real always.  If I can share my struggles to help others I will. So with all the happy smiles in the above pictures we have some struggles in there. Thankful for my children that is for sure. Thanks for your kind comments and so many friends on Facebook with concerning notes about yesterday.  It means the world to me knowing I have friends that care and pray! I seriously love each one of my friends who I have met with our many moves.

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