Friday, July 26, 2013

Monogram For Door

I made this little door decoration after I saw it on Pinterest.  I know to many of my day to day conversations start off this way. Right now these wood frames are on sale at Michael's for $3 and the letters were $3 too. I went back to get more but all the letters were picked over. Just paint your letter and frame and add a bow and hang.

 I just had to share a picture of these beautiful flowers. I don't remember them coming in so vibrant and colorful last year. I have purple and pink blooming together. I love hydrangeas, wish I had them all over the place with a white picket fence. See I told you I look at Pinterest to much.  

 Have a great weekend friends!!


  1. Very cute monogram and the hydrangeas are amazing- xo Diana

  2. Ooooo, you KNOW how much I loooove anything & EVERYTHING monogrammed! ;-)


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