Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Birthday 6th Lauren Grace

 Dear Lauren Grace,
Today you are 6 yrs old. I have to remind myself even that your still a little girl. Everyone mistakes you for 8-9 yrs old  because you are such a tall girl. You told me yesterday that you don't like to be a kid and you want to be a grown up. Mom told you it was a trap and to enjoy being a kid (: You are Miss Independent.  In that same conversation I asked you if you liked to be the boss and you said, "Yes, I love to be the boss and be in control."  Lauren you will be my CEO one day!!  Being strong willed has lots of advantages just like the other day when you packed your own bag of snacks, your own activities in a bag and the day you said you were mad at me and packed all your bags and went off to live in the back yard. You did come back within ten minutes and said, "I changed my mind, I want to live here."You have a good self esteem and you seem happy to be you. I love to ask you questions because you are so honest, and funny with your responses. I asked you if you like being brown and you said, "Yes, I love to be Chocolate, but I want my hair to look like Tiana's pulled back with a little curl in front" Everyday is a adventure I never know what you have up your sleeve.  I have so many mommy stories about you that I can remember, but sadly I have forgotten some of them. One of the most funny things I can remember you saying that was pure innocent in a kids eye.  We were at the store, and you saw a very large man in a scooter. You came over and whispered to me, "To many hot dogs"   I about died with laughter.  We went on to discuss not to say that to people and we have no idea what is wrong but it is one of those moments I will never forget.  Sometimes I get worn out with your constant mischievousness which is actually  fading every year, but I assume will always be a apart of my Little Lauren. While strolling down the lotion isle at Target I turned my back and you yell, "Look Mom A Ghost"  I look at you covered in white lotion head to toe. I was embarrassed and probably got mad at you.  I wish I would have enjoyed the moment and laughed and of course got a picture!!!  God knew I needed you to make me enjoy parenthood and not care so much about perfection.  You have given mom a sense of who I really am as your mom.  I have come to realize that there is no such thing as perfect kids, or mothering. It has been a great lesson.  I love how God made you who he did. You have amazing qualities. You are artistic, talented, funny, very smart (to smart for your own good), independent and the list goes on.  The combination of strong willed and smart is a scary road to travel as a mom. I just never know what will come next, and what dare devil stunt will be taking place. 
 Look at you here!!  You graduated from preschool!! You have a summer birthday so we decided to make you older for your grade. It was a tough call but I am really glad I listened to my instincts on this. You have matured remarkable and listen better and understand now that you may not like what the teacher has to say but you can now sit still and you enjoy activities. You have know your letters since you were 2-3 and have excelled in reading. You basically taught yourself to read all kinds of words and you can read little books.

Your favorite activities are swimming, you are like a little fish. It makes mom and dad scared because you swim to the deep end and still don't know how to come up for air all that well. So we have to watch you all the time.  You can do flips underwater and would be a mermaid if you could. You also love video games.  This has drove mom crazy in some ways but you have mastered Mindcraft at a young age which the guys at Apple stated is very skilled and creative. You also love to make things and make presents. You love to wrap things up that you have made and give them to me, which is so sweet. Mostly I get love notes that you love me, but sometimes I get hate mail when you're are mad at me. You love to express yourself through drawing and writing.
Your favorite colors are Purple and Pink. Your favorite foods are still pancakes, hot-dogs, ice cream and pizza.  You love food!! Your favorite restaurant is Chili's. Your favorite TV shows and movies are Princess And The Frog, Scooby Doo, Tom And Jerry, and any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You still love Tennis and want to be a Chef when you grow up.

 You are a joy and we love you. You keep mom and dad on our toes. May God continue to bless your life and bring many joys.  I pray you always feel loved and cherished. As you start kindergarten I pray you meet lots of nice friends and you are safe. I'm going to miss you when you start at the big school. Love you forever,
Mom and Dad


  1. Very sweet post. And she sounds alot like my Holden... especially the strong willed and mischevious part. So the lotion story was a good reminder to me to not take it all so seriously. Holden just turned 5 and was constantly mistaken for 6 when he was just 4. We definitely have to remind ourselves of his young age despite his height. :)

  2. What a beautiful post and a beautiful little girl:)
    Have been reading your blog since Lauren came into your home.
    She is so blessed to have such Loving parents/family.
    Thanks so much for sharing, and Happy Birthday Lauren!!

  3. I *lovelovelove* those stories! Beyond precious memories!!!


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